The X100 farewell series



Model & I

You're got a friend

Last load for the day

Bargain fresh produce

Secret conversation

Neon signs

Night view


Photos were taken in August (except the last one in September). When I think of it, it was a harsh month, a busy one. I spent a week working at an exhibition with long hours and plenty of standing. I could only think of the coming exhibition in Macao, with even longer hours. Will I still be in shape for any photography after work at night? Hmm..

You must be also thinking. Now I’ve sold my X100, what do I think about it as a postmortem? My verdict to the Fujifilm X100 remains positive. The image quality is right there as good as the X2. It’s only a matter of how you take control of it in your photos. I would have preferred the ‘black’ limited edition for a more stealthy outfit. The AEL/AFL button is the key answer to the manual focus. It’s the quick autofocus cheat in manual mode. I found myself missing that button quite a bit (X2 does not have an equivalent function). And my last series had shown my extensive use of that button.

It’s a very decent camera.

Thanks so much and goodbye!

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