The weaknesses of your camera MAY help you do better photography


Taking break

If I could shoot pictures the way I want with a camera that has limited DR, image quality, pixel, tiny sensor, in principle, any digital camera out there isn’t much of an issue.

I always carry this motto with me when I’m out with my GRD. And that in theory helps me to think more about how a photo is going to look, such as the lack of depth of field. Maybe I should anticipate better to isolate the background from subject without any help of the blurred background.

Bamboo Smoke Pipe

Without the extended ISO, maybe I could learn to become a ninja or a spy? Be more steady and quick in low light situation given the noticeably slower shutter speed. Or even try shooting with flash? These are some options we could explore.

Walking down the stairs

With limited options and abilities available on your camera, you often need to think outside the box or figure out the best way to compensate the weaknesses. It stimulates your creativity. It’s good to know MacGuyver had done his job with his tiny swiss knife, So can we. The process of overcoming challenges can be rewarding.


What's going on


In pair

Lined up

Attention goes to

You would feel it when you found a camera that belongs to you, and to be your main gear. There’s always a reason. You’d know when you get there. It doesn’t matter if many good photographers trust their red dot lenses, or why street photography should be done with manual lens…If auto focus works really well on your camera, so be it. I learn as I go along, i never knew what fixed focal length would give me until I experienced it. Not because everyone says so. Just like many says 35mm is the most common focal length and used by many pros. You can go try it. Time and time again, you need to do your own judgement of what works best for you. Be rational and true to ourselves.


I think it’s simply an awesome experience to start believing in what my camera can do, to an extend believing what myself can do lately. I do hope you’d find this similar feeling down the road.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! We eat moon cakes and enjoy the bright full moon in Hong Kong. It’s very festive around here and tomorrow is the National Day for Republic of China. Holidays, hooray!

6 thoughts on “The weaknesses of your camera MAY help you do better photography

  1. Good thoughts, good images. I like what you do as you are connected to the world and photography. This gets you connected to others.
    As always, an enjoyable read.

    I just thought about this some more…it’s probably the GRD4……

    1. Thank you, Don. It has more or less to do with the GRD in this post to illustrate what we think this camera can’t do can actually be done with more care. Think more about the subjects on the street and surroundings rather than how to be controlled by the camera.

  2. Your photography with the GRD is very inspiring, This is one of the few photo blogs I follow. I wonder if you could do a post about how you process your images, what settings you like to use for color in the GRD and in Aperture or Lightroom to get these results. It’s a very interesting look.

    1. Thank you, Dos. When chance is right, I’ll post about how I handle my images. My settings are always adjusted according to the colors, exposure, brightness and subject. It’s an evolving process which I do not find myself stick with a single preset. So as my black and white, it depends on the elements in the photo. Thanks for checking out!

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