My moments to remember of the period half a year ago..


Over the weekend, I hadn’t gone out much, especially on Sunday. Purely lack of motivation…and it was cloudy. That led me going back to my archives to clean up photos. There were just full of shots that I knew what I was capturing but just too random and without a strong focus in them. I scratched my head and asked myself what on earth was i shooting a couple times.

From the archive I cleaned up. I found a photos that I forgot about, looked okay and even more importantly – meaningful to me.

This is not much of a series considering the connectiveness (new vocab?) of them. I narrated them one by one.

Family Portrait
Family Portrait
It was my first asked portrait at night ever. Taken at the end of March in a public estate market. That lovely baby with a napkin was drooling and the loving father was taking care of him. That got my attention and sucked me to them. And the father threw a great smile. So did I, afterwards.

Not a happy customer
Not a happy customer
I walked to Hong Kong University after work (a long walk if look in the map). It was a clear mistake that night as there were not a thing that was interesting. All I saw was old apartment buildings, road, traffic…this was the only shot I was able to keep. I kind of like the look of the girl, she seemed not so satisfied with the frozen yogurt.

Indian Lady in the urban jungle
Indian Lady in the urban jungle
It was taken in April. My first asked portrait with my GRD. That lady had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for her permission. Anyway, she agreed for a shot. The plantation and the urban structure gives it a cool contrast to a lady that’s away from home.

Lady in pouring rain Lady in pouring rain
It was the heaviest rain I’ve ever taken my camera out for a shoot. It was a mistake to not gone home instead. I stayed at where I taken this photo for half an hour before I walked some place else for shelter. In the photo, that’s what happened when nobody else on the street except her – an attractive young lady. She immediately became the center of attention. A couple other guys just couldn’t help but checking her out.

After rain
After rain.
It was a couple trial and error shots of reflection on a pond of water by the street.

The night continues with his music
The night continues with his music
It was my last few photos with maxed out ISO 3200 on my GRD in April. I limited my ISO to 2500, then 1600-2000, until recently at 1250. It really depends on how we’re using it. If the focus is sharp, a photo with maxed out ISO can turn out okay in b&w

Nonetheless, It does give me headache when revisiting back to the archive knowing much of it were crap. I believe it was still great to dig up a few photos that meant to me as part of my photographic journey. It helped me understood/remind what I had done wrong in the past. I only wish to build a much stronger and tighter archive as time goes by. Then I would not be that painful cataloging my images.


3 thoughts on “My moments to remember of the period half a year ago..

  1. Alan, There’s many real good photos here and your Flickr site which I check our on a regular basis. Some of them I just can’t get out of my head. I guess that’s a good thing. Keep up the good work, don

    1. thank you Don. I will work my way to become better. I’m thankful that over less than a year i have already come up with shots that i have never thought about.

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