Bonding with a camera.


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There’s no secret in how to bond with your favorite camera. The first and only thing that you have to do is: You must have a strong desire to shoot good photos. The more you shoot with just one camera, the more you and your camera would become ‘one’.

The best advice i could give if you really want to ‘do photography’ instead of becoming a camera collector. Use your camera until you feel like selling the rest of your gear. It could be a bit too harsh. However, It’s true that I’d been in the mood for selling my X100 for weeks now. It’s strange that I’ve not ever thought about the opposite – selling my GRD….Ricoh you’ve won my heart!

For those who don’t know me. I only own two cameras (GRD IV & X100). I can’t imagine someone with ‘a collection of cameras/lenses’ at home. I know certainly there’re camera collectors out there. But I’m more fascinated into actually shooting with one that gives me constant results.

I think it’s a very good sign to come to this point, thinking about actually selling my beloved X100. In a photography standpoint, it means I finally found a camera to work with (rather than just use it).

The image quality of X100 is far superior than the GRD for sure. When it comes to the focusing system, Ricoh is far more ahead and easy thumb control over all the settings I need; It’s like telling myself why persist and linger on a sluggish piece of gadget (the X100) that would not improve my photograph as a whole.

I can’t ask for more with the mount-on OVF and snap focus combination. It’s quick when I squint thru the OVF and click. It’s accurate to frame it this way with fixed frame marks versus jumping frame marks when hitting the shutter on the X100. I just won’t miss.

One tip I would like to share with you. If you use your camera long enough, your camera should appear some kind of wear on the body (at least on my GRD). I appreciate the scratch and wear so much. It’s become a tool not a collectible. And that makes a camera sexier!

*Image 1 & 3 shot with my cellphone and ran it with the Flare app on my mac. How do you like the artificial grain 🙂 It was for fun.

7 thoughts on “Bonding with a camera.

    1. Thanks Alex for checking out the post. We are the one who takes control of a camera, using ‘one’ camera (one lens) is the only way (if not) to come up with consistent images. From there we learn and understand our photographs, make necessary improvement of ourselves if possible.

  1. Been reading all your stuff re: the GRD IV. I’m currently in the process of selling off my DSLR lens collection (I’m keeping only 1 lens), then purchasing a GRD IV as my main camera, since I’ve fallen in love with street photography.

    I just had a quick question regarding the external viewfinder – I understand you’ve tried both the GV-2 and the Voigtlander – I was just wondering what you prefer? Do you prefer the Voigtlander vs the GV-2?


    1. Thanks for checking out, Jay. The GV2 is way too tiny to see thru and the field of view is only 85%. Voigtlander is a cheaper option first off. Then there’s another reason which i discovered ~ i wear glasses. That extra distance from my eye to viewfinder messes up the accuracy. My Voigt is however a 21/25. That gives me the exact frame with and the field of view that’s i believe 100%.

      You may also think about the GV1 21/28 by Ricoh. It’s designed for the GRD. You may use the pop up flash which the Voigt can’t due to the design and position.

      Hope that helps!!!

  2. Hi Alan, been admiring your work, awesome, and I just got a GRD4 as well, in love with this camera, just one thing that bug me, since I’m a raw shooter, how do you overcome the shutter lag, it seems getting an extreme speed card won’t do much difference, and also would you mind sharing us your camera setting in your blog, thanks!!

    1. thanks very much for following along so far, Wiama.

      Do you mean the saving/processing time of the camera? I do not think there’s any shutter lag at all, especially if you have set the camera to snap focus.

      I normally shoot with jpeg, standard color, -1/3 ev, snap focus distance is auto. The rest of the processing is done in my pc. Hope that helps! Glad you enjoy the GRD like i do.

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