Miami Street Photography Festival 2012


In helping a fellow WordPress photo blogger (Juan) to promote the regional photography festival. He is the organizer of the Miami Street Photography Festival which will take place on December 7th-9th, 2012. It’s the first annual event. So make sure to check out the scheduled events and come hang out with all the street photography enthusiasts.

It may seem strange as I’m in Hong Kong, an ocean apart. It’s the internet that brought us together & our interest to share our topic.

I personally had been to Miami. And it’s a beautiful place to be. It was almost like another country in the U.S. as I was a visitor. I did drive over to the Ocean Drive, but it was during the day. I missed all the night life of the city due to the rain…weather was unstable in summer. Thanks to the TV drama ‘Burn Notice’, I got to see the city again perhaps in an even more beautiful way, crystal clear high definition. Anyways…that was my story.

Couple of key highlights of the festival:

  • Renowned photographers (Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb) will be guesting at the festival to share their experience and ideas with the participants. Check out the schedule.
  • Exhibits gallery open to public
  • Sessions with the street photographers

Ways to follow them:
Facebook @ Miami SP Festival


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