One month with Ricoh GRD IV – Episode III: Anti-National Education Rally Day 2


No Tap Water on a brain sign

I’m not going to let my photos marinate as this rally is developing. 

Signature to support

Anti-National Education Rally

Anti-National Education Rally

Sea of Ribbons full of messages

Anti-National Education Rally

Anti-National Education Rally

Bus getting through

Grandma and the kid

Cotton Candy available

Foreign media interview


Anti-National Education Rally

One of the darkest days in Hong Kong since the handover - Anti-National Education Protest

Day 2: Saturday
It’s not really day 2. Just that it’s my second day of visiting the rally. It’s weekend, it’s usual for people to come out and play. I’m a live example. Knowing there’s something big happening at the government complex. I paid another visit to see what’s developing.

It’s an afternoon with rain shower. It lasted for less than half an hour and the weather turned great again. One of the reasons I go there again was that, I did not get too many of okay photos from last night. Today was the day I felt a bit more confident about.

Last night’s rally the organizers demanded for a reply from the Chief Executive and his team. There wasn’t any until later today. The Chief Executive C.Y. Leung held a press conference shortly after I departed from the site. He said the right to adopt the National Education would leave it up to the schools with no deadline. And he won’t revisit this issue during his term of administration. I think that’s a fair reply to the public as to response to all the protestors from various groups/parties.

The Anti-National Education union is still gathering at the government building. They said they want NO national education ever in schools and the government is not firm on the dismissal. Their rally continues…

From the TV broadcast, I saw the youngsters hang out and enjoy their time. There were indie musicians performing. It’s almost like an open air festival.

When I thought of what I saw during the day, I quickly realized all the things were planned out by the organizers. Look at all the free entertainments, I’ve not seen family hang out that happy. Almost like a carnival if you don’t read my essay at all. Where does all the balloons come from? How do the musicians setup? Where are all these public speakers come from? And the free cotton candy? That led me to think about who’re masterminding the entire protest. It’s got to be political.

Not used to shooting in crowded again. I’m learning day by day. I only spent my precious 15 mins over there. It’s a little too short? A couple reasons, I’m not WITH the protestors. I think it’s wrong to stay there if I’m just there hanging out. It’s hot. I think I got what I needed to represent for the day. And one of my reasons was to shop for a coffee bean grinder. So off I went.

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