Hong Kong International Photo Festival: From City to City Competition


My unnamed entry is actually showing as a large thumbnail in that post 😉 It should be coincidence.

After joining two photo contests earlier this year, I knew for sure. Expect nothing and expect the worst is the best mentality to deal with it. It’s more like buying a lottery.

This Hong Kong International Photography Festival has quite a few campaign lined up for the rest of this year, including exhibition of Daido Moriyama’s work next month. They have an important photo competition the first time, called out all the photographers to submit their work.

This competition is a fair game to all the amatuer photographers out there. We all have our subjects in place, in our home. It’s a matter of how we capture them, how we anticipate for the moment, how we interact with the subjects in some cases.

There are two parts. 1. Daido Moriyama himeself and his panel would pick the best series as the winner. 2. The entry which received the most ‘Like’ on Facebook would have a chance to exhibit at the upcoming Daido Moriyama Exhibition. Go give my entries some ‘Like’ if you like them. You should be able to recognize my stuff!! (Hint: In the top 16)

HKIPF: From City to City Competition

Up to this date, an entry has received 71 likes already. I think he has lots of friends and more than likely to win. Anyway, my stuff is in the public (sort of) anyway. I’m satisfied already.

These few days I got flu and not getting any photographs done. I must re-gain my energy and strength before the weekend…

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