One month with Ricoh GRD IV – Episode I: Hungry Ghost Festival (盂蘭節)


Two Birds, Two Sides

Burning Offerings for Ghost Festival

Workers' roundtable in the middle of a road

Empty Store



Ghost Festival Ritual Stage

Ghost Festival Ritual Stage

Ghost Festival Ritual Stage

Ghost Festival Ritual Stage

Ghost Festival Ritual Stage

Burning Offerings for Ghost Festival

Cartoon Jesus Christ and his disciples



Hungry Ghost Festival is a ritual for most Taoism/Buddhism believers to offer food, money, clothing for their deceased ancestors who happened to gone to hell. I heard it from my mom that in August or in the seventh month of Lunar calendar, there’s a week of gate opening from hell. All the ghosts would come back over up to our realm. It’s the worst time to say or do anything bad to passed away people. Try to avoid that if you do not want anything bad happen to you or if you wish luck. That is if you’re superstitious.

You see Chinese burning paper or paper-made models on the street. Occasionally, there are fruits and tiny cups of rice wine which serves as offerings. And the burning of ‘hell money’ is actually the offerings they want to bring to their ancestors. The ancestors in hell could use the money to bribe the evil and not get tortured…something you could picture like in the movies.

Learn more about this festival, go wiki

Everywhere I go I’m with my GRD. It’s light, weight/size forgiving. Black is sexy what more can I ask for. It happened I spotted those ritual things after work on my way home. I guess it’s good to be in Hong Kong. I get to walk a lot, also great exercise. More even so to realized that I could do this at night with a 28mm GRD – a tiny sensor. Forget about the pixel count and focus on what’s in the frame. As long as I could capture the essence, that’s all matters. Even better I have them processed as colors this time!

Once I understood a bit more about how digital camera works and how to get the colors I want out of a photo. It opened opportunities for me to experiment further. This is one of the series I enjoyed with colors taken with a GRD.

10 thoughts on “One month with Ricoh GRD IV – Episode I: Hungry Ghost Festival (盂蘭節)

    1. Thanks, Kurt. It’s interesting but as it get popular. More images from the pros have been seen in the major public media and photography world. It’s also a genre that test on someone’s observation, timing, how you perform on-the-go creativity, and more. I believe guts is what determines how a photographer want to be in this genre and also keeps this genre from overly exploit. You don’t want your potential subjects to have their photos taken many times by others before you are even there that day.

      Street photography is also a type of documentary photography which I was going to mention in this post. Sometimes it’s like a reportage depending upon how photos are being used.

      1. To tell you the truth in a long run, I’d stick with the Ricoh cameras. I like how they put functions into great use in a very accessible way. Snap focus with adjustable focus distance is a step forward when choosing between auto and manual. I had even thought about the GXR before buying the X100, only because I did not get a chance to try a GXR with M-Module and M lens. But that’s another story ;P

        With all the great cameras out there in the market. It’d get more and more competitive and our wallet would suffer the most. We need to keep our temptation under control. Just get one camera that you have a reason to buy for and enjoy the most out of it. A good camera is the one we use and the results we want. I think even if you give me a Leica M and a 28mm..I’d still prefer using a GRD for my photography.

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