Photo Contest? Maybe I should stay away from it.


It’s such a huge disgrace to my photography after reviewing the final 30 of a photo contest I’ve participated in. It’s a public photo contest organized by a technology magazine and several other photography associations.

Go check out the contest final 30:

I do not mean disrespect if you’re one of the participants (really hope not). Just take a moment look at the photos of the link above. Content-wise, only a few of them were okay. The rest, I don’t know. Most of them were not even experienced with photo processing (lot worse than me although I admit I’m amateur). Where have the judges gone? God,…I wanted the prize to finance for a new mac xD

I believe my entry is pretty solid. I avoided close up portraiture as it doesn’t represent the place which the theme has to tie with Sham Shui Po. I’d shown the old blocks of buildings of the quiet side with a man cross the street, presented in b&w to signify the light and shadow.

Street of Sham Shui Po

I have not violated the rules. Why is it not even in the final? It’s a huge disgrace to my photography. I’m really not going to take part in any random photo contests. It seriously affect my self-esteem.

I would like to hear what others think about photo contests? Good, bad, keep trying?

2 thoughts on “Photo Contest? Maybe I should stay away from it.

  1. I liked a number of photos that made it into the finals, but liked your image more than a good number of them also. Its often hard to know what the judges are thinking or why they choose one image over another at times. I’d say keep trying, but only if you see the value in doing so. I find them a new challenge that makes me step out the box of my comfort zone – and if I’m lucky, an opportunity to develop further. Above that however, its more important to focus on your photography and development of in a way that gives you pleasure!

    1. I was checking out the final photos just hoped the judges have keen eye on the photos that really aspire in a way to learn about how others do it. Some photos were just too amateur like what I was doing in February when I started. I hoped to see better ones, the final results were just mediocre. Again, I’m not blinded by my jealousy.

      Appreciate the input, Mike.

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