Happy Hour with Daido Moriyama


Banner at Fringe Club, Central, Hong Kong

The typhoon last night had almost affected the original schedule of Daido Moriyama’s trip to Hong Kong. He’s finally here! And he’s carrying his Ricoh digital camera and packs of cigarettes with him.

I’m not much of a hangout person. This special opportunity to meet the master Daido Moriyama for the life time had made me worried. Worried about the $390 I paid for admission would go down to drain. I’m sorry to say, it did. I’d rather use it for ordering photo books or a pair of jeans.

I was told there were only 40 tickets available. I had no idea if there’s any sort of scheduled rundown for the 2 hr and a half hour I paid. Turned out? There were like 80 people at the Fringe Club bar. No projector presentation of any kind. There weren’t no speech except the brief thank you, gratitude, etc. open mic speech. It’s basically a media press + photographing + signature session. It’s like I entered a concert but there’s no music but the band sitting out and photographing with fans.

This guy still smokes a lot.

Perhaps because of my personality, because of my level of enthusiasm, or even because I’m not too big of a fan of Moriyama san. I was not too into meeting the master face to face. Everyone has their own path to take. No disrespect to anyone. The questions that fans wish to asked to the master would not be helpful anyway. How is he going to help you or inspire you with the brief few minutes you meet him. He doesn’t even know us. Who are you anyway? What’s your name?

I actually realized today we’re idolizing this guy so much which I think it’s a bit little too much. Anything other than his camera, photographs and the man himself is irrelevant to me.

Shortly after he gave an opening speech


What I like about this guy is how he cares about the photographs he take, how he perceives the world he’s living in. My interpretation is: He could take average or even bad  photographs and treated like it’s a masterpiece just because it’s meaningful to him. It’s something I don’t see from other photographers that I like, yet. This is why I think he’s a little different from others.

This program has not changed what I do to my photography & life. My belief to photography being a personal thing has grown even stronger now. Photography is just a remembrance of my life and the world around me. I intent to keep it this way.

Only thing I could do with him. Oh well, I was there.

I’ve met a couple guys. Good people, almost forgot there aren’t any good people around. We exchanged contact info. Hm..you know the drill..cheesy way to socialize and farewell especially we’re all guys. Irony, actually there was a cute young lady with red lipstick in a patterned dress that caught my attention for a second while I was lining up for photograph. Last photo taken by Ah Man. It’s a cool photo. Sincerely thanks, if you’re reading this!

7 thoughts on “Happy Hour with Daido Moriyama

    1. it was terrible. And I won’t attend this kind of hangout program…and MIGHT only consider joining organized workshops..i think it’s not even necessary.

  1. It seems he has aggressive agents, pushing him everywhere to make a load of money. He reminds me a lot of Howard Marks now, appearing everywhere and doing little. Love his work, just a shame he / his agents are so shrewd.

    1. he wasn’t staying here for long, only a couple days. I see fans taking his pictures more than himself taking pictures of the beautiful hong kong. I am disappointed..i really thought he’s shooting a short series in a week or so. Maybe i’m just expecting too much.

    1. thanks dude. i’m more interested with his upcoming exhibition in October…i hope there will be a decent collection of exhibits…other than just flowers as the organizer have mentioned.

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