The Flickr Syndrome



My definition of the Flickr Syndrome
1. Always wanting to Upload photos to Flickr.
2. Busy adding photos to various groups, and look for more interest groups to add to.
3. Constantly tabbing on the activities on your photos

Many pros have said, using Flickr to benchmark and evaluate your own photography is usually wrong. I’d been thinking about that over and over again ever since I started photo blogging.

Like Leo and Santos says in Fast Five, why so much negativity, man?

The fact is, I’m just a human after all. Seeing others getting so many views and feedback would make me feel tiny. The recent months, I even have stopped adding photos to various photo groups. I think many of the groups are so disoriented and the way Flickr is presenting photos is ‘what I think, not an ideal way of displaying photography’. It’s almost like a forum…a very loose way of showing what someone’s up to. The interface of Flickr hasn’t changed much either. Maybe I’m too used to blogging. Therefore, Flickr is only a photo hosting site for me no more than that. I don’t even bother to upgrade to a pro account.

When someone says photography reflect somebody’s mood and feeling. I’m a live example. A couple of things have built up my mood recently: Facing slowdown at work, got yelled by a man the day before yesterday, frustrated by hardly getting any good photos taken for almost a week. It’s good that I’ve a habit to shoot daily whenever possible. I just won’t quit, treasuring every bit of time I spent with my camera.

These days I want to be alone and be away from the busy crowd. Yesterday, I traveled to the area near the Happy Valley race course. Nice and quiet, but very warm…Unfortunately, I did not come up with any interesting street scenes other than urban landscape. Another day, another time. Really wish the fall comes earlier…

This is one of my fewer attempts on a short post with a photo. With certain feelings built up, I need to let it out.

Photo was shot in April (buried in my archive until I dig up for a new cover for my facebook page) while I was really getting into street photography with closer distance. Oh, it’s mid August already. My earlier stuff was not totally bad at all. I might say that next year again 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Flickr Syndrome

  1. Don’t write off the urban landscape shots. They can be as fun as street photography. I probably shoot more landscapes and urban landscapes than I do street photography (I wish I did more, downside of being a student).

    I am also annoyed with Flickr and decided to start up a photoblog here. For me it’s more of a place to display my top shots and nothing more — partially because they charge for unlimited uploads and partially because it seems like all of the shots are superb and I feel like mine have to make the grade to get uploaded.

    1. Urban landscape is cool. Nothing against it. Just that my main focus is not landscape. And when I do it without a purpose, I know I’m desperate and not thinking straight. But you’ve got your point, I’ll re-think.

      Welcome to wordpress then!! Looking forward for your shots and essays here 🙂

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