Here & There – My Off-time with the GRD.


Between the buildings

Photography for me is a motivation, to walk further; an exploration, to explore things from my every day experience. I wouldn’t have walk and see as much as these past few months than I’ve ever had. I often came back home with tired body and said to myself ‘oh wow, I actually walked from across three city districts.’ I really do not care how many photos I take these days as long as I get one or two from a day. I’m satisfied. There’s no need to rush for photos if I do not feel like taking. I know it from myself I’m capable of shooting photos that I’ve done before. So it’s a matter of chance and of how I encounter the subjects/moments. If the timing, feeling is not right, just forget it. Moreover, photography is life-long and continuous. That is if you got everything done today or overwhelmed yourself, what are you going to do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, next month and perhaps next year?

The beauty of our life is like what Forrest Gump says ‘Life is like a box of chocolate, you’d never know what you’re gonna get.’ It’s not different than photography as it’s part of our life experience. Again, ‘Oh man, I can’t believe I’m actually meeting Daido Moriyama in person in just two weeks’

This series includes photos taken from different areas of Hong Kong. I particularly enjoy the randomness and uninspired photography in days that I was confused and moody. I wouldn’t notice how interesting some of these photographs turn out until I select and process them. The way they turned out keeps surprising me. How cool to have photographs that do not turn out the way we wanted and actually better than how we’ve pictured.

In suit


Head Missing

Old lady


Man in public estate

Siu Mei, Chinese BBQ

Making her way



Water hose



Old man

Cat eating


Tai Chi move

Truck car park

Tattooed Men

Carton recycling

Construction waste

A&F Hong Kong opening

Male models at A&F Hong Kong

City celebration

13 thoughts on “Here & There – My Off-time with the GRD.

  1. Oh help! A&F have overcome Hong Kong too? LOL 😛
    I love the photo with the bunting the most. We have a lot around London at the moment because of the Olympics, but that takes it to another level, literally 🙂

    1. yea..A&F has arrived Hong Kong! And they have those topless male models here to campaign prior to the opening on 11th Aug.

      I must say the 2012 London Olympic is one of the most dramatic Olympics ever.

  2. It’s nice the way the photos have an innocent way about them. It’s like your just responding to stimulus and using the camera to make notes. It’s obvious that your comfortable where you are and with yourself. You pay respect to your surroundings by making photos not just walking by without even a thought.

    1. Yea, exactly Don. Sometimes things happen really quick right in front of you which I don’t even have time to react. Timing is what I think one of the keys in this type of photography. Thanks very much!

  3. I really love your use of colour from the GRD. A lot of GRD users seem to default to black and white because of the gain / grain thing. I think colour done right can take more skill. I got hold of a GRD2 for under a hundred pounds on Ebay and have been amazed at what the little gem can do. This is a big ask, but would you mind taking a look at my blog and letting me know what you think?

    I’d really appreciate any advice / criticism as your blog is so popular now. Mine’s been going a few months and I think it’s ok, but getting regular followers is a struggle. Many thanks in advance and hope you’re still enjoying the Olympics 🙂

    1. Hello Miles. I wonder why you think my blog is popular ;P I do not mind checking out photos by anyone. I’d love to do so. I’ve ask a few photographers online to do the same and never gotten feedbacks…good or bad..say it, right? I think you’re very interested in faces and love doing portraits. It’s a good way to start as you have no fear to ask for permission and I think you’re somewhat sociable too.

      I’d recommend you not to do hip shots. I had only done one or two in past two months as far as I remember. The viewpoint is usually not that good (the same every time) and i don’t like the tilt either. So use the LCD or viewfinder to do the shooting.

      I always think about why I want to shoot photo of that subject/object. And when you do, think about the how the subject/object relate to the place. I have feelings when I travel to certain districts. Try to use that feeling to spot and compose.

      I’m sure you have a more decent camera, perhaps a DSLR or m4/3. I found myself coming up image presets from the photos taken X100. Higher end cameras tend to have more accurate color rendering and more. When you have the preset on your processing software, you pretty much have a good idea what to do with the images from GRD. GRD has odd colors no matter how I adjust it, even I simply use the default setting. I’m no surprise that why many do b&w with a GRD 😀

      Happy shooting 🙂

      1. Hi Alan
        Thanks for taking time out to have a look at my blog. Yes I’m lucky to have a dslr as well as the GRD. I also have an X100 as well – My bank account is now very poorly! I’ve not been using the dslr recently as I seriously hurt my back in February and it’s just too heavy.
        I understand and appreciate everything that you say -yes a hip shot has to be fantastic to really work doesn’t it.
        Thanks for your time and advice. Hope your blog continues to go from strength to strength.

  4. Hello again Alan.
    Just to let you know, I’ve linked to your blog on my latest post. Thanks again for the feedback. I appreciate what you’ve said (even though my latest post is a series of hip shots!). Take care and I look forward to seeing more of your great photos.
    Miles (pilspics)

    1. you’re very welcome. Hope you’ll figure out your way to photography. Absorb what others do and have it your way is what I think we all should be doing. Thank you, Miles.

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