Marcel Pedragosa – The photographer who finds his way in blurriness


When it comes to motion blurred street photography. It often keeps me wonder if the photographer wanted it blurred or not. And if he/she wants photo to be blurred, how does he/she shoot it? How does he/she use this one of a kind photograph method to his/her work?

I always think that blurred images caused by handshake, dim light, low shuttle speed, out of focus are something not too controllable by the photographer. That is, the magnitude of the blurriness and how it turns out in an image.

This week I was googling ‘contemporary photography’ out of the image search results. I found a b&w photo that was quite pleasing and I clicked. It’s by this Spanish photographer who specializes street photography with blur.

For me, blurring an image is a hard-to-bear sacrifice. I wouldn’t blur mine if I’m not doing a series like his. I’m curious with his unseen not up to standard photos. Are they really crappy like all accidental shots or purposely shot but turned out too sharp? Anyhow, it’s good to know blurriness is accepted as a form of art in contemporary photography.

I have mentioned before if it takes me more than a few seconds to ‘read’ a photograph. Then I think it’s good and had done its job. Blurred images if framed and presented in a pleasing way really can get us use our brain to think about what the photographer is trying to record.

Very cool, yea?

Official page:

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