Happy Hour with Daido Moriyama, I got the ticket!


Ticket to see Daido MoriyamaLast week, thanks to the social media. I heard about the Japanese master, Daido Moriyama will visit Hong Kong for his solo exhibition as part of the International Photo Festival Event 2012. This is Daido’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. As the organizer noted: “We will be showing the “autoportrait” and “sunflower” series, and, of course, the pictures he took in Hong Kong.” Yea..I’m so looking forward to seeing his photography of HK.

Before the exhibition, he’d be doing a few workshop, lecture, hangout, sessions. Just by chance, I heard about a sharing session ‘Happy Hour with Daido Moriyama’. At first, I was skeptical on what he/us are going to do and the nature of the event. I had no clue besides the fee and two included drinks at the bar. Location is at an Art Club – Fringe Club, Central. What exactly is a sharing session? I still don’t have too much of an idea. In any case, I don’t think it’s the participants who would be sharing anyway?!

I arrived at the ticket office queued for the ticket…only 40 available for this event. I was so excited as I got the ticket, I still am!

I’m not the biggest fan of Moriyama san’s works. And I’ve not seen all his published photos yet. However, I admire how random he shoots his photos and expresses in his own unique way. I respect him and his devotion to photography. His photography ALWAYS encourages me to shoot photos of anything, that clear out my doubts on how street photography should be. Shooting photos with up-close human presence can sometimes be stressful or too repetitive. So he really gave me inspiration on different approaches of how a photographer can shoot.

I’ve never attended any photography related session. I guess it’s more like a seminar type of thing, with a projector of some sort. I do not know what to expect from that 2 hr and a half. I certainly hope to meet some local street photographers, i won’t put too much hope…Well,..at least it’s a good experience get to meet a renowned photographer in person.

10 thoughts on “Happy Hour with Daido Moriyama, I got the ticket!

  1. Hope to read here how you liked it! By the way: If you ever have the chance of getting your hands on the book “Frenchkiss” by Anders Petersen, just buy it. It’s worth a look and very much in the style of Daido Moriyama. Bit more european. Very dark blacks, use of flash and intense subjects. You’ll like it, for sure.

    1. yes. i’ve blogged about this amazing photographer before as well 😀 Anders Petersen has the style i enjoy and i’d like to get copy of his books someday.

      So looking forward to see his photographs taken in HK. Will it be film or digital? BW or color? haha..

      have a good day!

  2. Maybe you will at least get to ask him some questions at the happy hour? I wonder what you would say to him if you get the chance?
    Very much looking forward to a post about the event. Hope you have a great time and also get to meet some like-minded photographers!

    1. He’d been shooting a few times longer than my age. I’d ask him how to stay fresh with his vision and apply it in his photography. Maybe i should think about questions in case i get case to ask ;p

      thanks lemonade.

      1. Well if they are only selling 40 tickets to an event but they don’t let you talk to the man himself, it would be a great pity. I hope you do get to ask him some questions at least 🙂

  3. Keep us updated about this. Like Anders Petersen I really do like Daido. His images are very evoking and I really like his style. His photographs reminds me of the sketches I used to make when I was young.

    Have a great time at the happy hour with Daido.

    1. thank you, Wouter. Masters who use compact cameras with style. It’s so interesting to see photographs from them. I hope this wonderful opportunity would help me understand more about photography. I will try to summarize the event and to some degree i do hope some photography is allowed…

  4. Probably by the end of the night everyone will be too drunk to remember what happened… anyway is a good chance to speak to the Master up close and personal. See you there…

    1. haha. i think I’m going to be fine. Not too big of a fan of alcohol. To be honest, I do not know what to speak with him. I’m not into gear and stuff. I’m sure he isn’t either lol. I actually want to see what he would be shooting in HK. Alright. See you there!!

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