People of Vinexpo 2012


Entering the event


Wine in sizes


Wine Exhibitor


Rothchild's booth

My last post about me ordering a Daido’s new book got me flipping a couple pages of his photo book. It got me motivated to dig up from my archive of some big event I attended earlier this year in May. I found photos of the Vinexpo 2012 in Hong Kong. It’s an annual wine event that global wine producers gather and buyers/suppliers/shop owners/wine lovers come for tasting. That’s how I interpret it. It’s one of the biggest wine events of the year.

It’s my second time attending the Vinexpo in Hong Kong. My first time was 2009. I got so hypered and tried many wines at the event. I literally got drunk and went home tipsy in the middle of the day. I attended the event with a company pass. It was totally free for me. I’d never seen that many wine people and since that event I studied wine. Though I do not often have chance trying wine all the time. I did had chance tasting some of the wines made from the famous indigenous grapes, including Barolo!!! I think knowing wine and some lingo helps navigate with certain people. I’m glad spent almost a year from time to time studied and tasted wine. Now I’m not as sharp as a couple years back due to my job relocation. I still enjoy wine whenever there’s chance.

This series came from my very brief visit to the event for some job related reason. I did not even have much chance tasting wine…not in the mood of tasting wine as I was not really there for wine. It’s sad..whatever..I had my GRD with me and I snapped a couple that i felt significant. I re-processed the photo just now similar to my last series – One month with X100 – Episode I, only with a different camera. Oh yea, baby!

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