People of Tsing Yi


Fishing alone

Tsing Yi is not far away from the Hong Kong island. I’d only been there once when I was a kid. It is an island just across the west side of Kowloon. It’s a huge island. My childhood impression to it is quite similar to Tsuen Wan. It’s an island full of industrial/warehouse buildings. Other than that it’s also a residential district.

View from Tsing Yi

Everything had changed after the MTR passes through Tsing Yi. It has a decent shopping mall at the MTR station with some major franchise shops that I’d visit, such as Zara, Uniqlo.

Fishing with ladies

Today, my destination was the Waterfront Promenade. It was one of those challenging places for me to do my photography. I always get carried away with the spectacular scenery and forget about I demand for human presence in it. Today I had been staying conservative and not going up to people. Part of it was because there’s just lots of space and people scattered all over the promenade. I should put it this way, I do not want to look suspicious (it’s clearly a problem there). I felt like a stalker as I was walking behind a father with two kids on a bridge. The father held their hands as I approached..I wasn’t even looking. So I could felt people on the island are rather defensive. Another encounter was I shot a few folks fishing, they said ‘what are you shooting at?’. And even a pair of police constable came up to me and checked my ID, as I was walking from one end of the promenade. Am I not very good at blending in? Or should I get a better haircut?

Enjoying the day

A bright sunny day today. A great day to find shadows to shoot with, that’s what I thought…it turned out not really. One thing I learned today is, i must bring my sunglasses with me. I couldn’t see crap.

lone tree by the industrial building

Besides the waterfront, I also wandered into the public estates. Nothing special at all, so I  went back to the waterfront. It’s a good exercise I’d walked for 2 hours nearly non-stop, and sweated much under the sun.

Illegal clothes hanging

Father & son

You're my baby!

Hello there



The sun

Men in black

Reflection of public estates

Me and a boat


Some photos I took today was strange without processing. I always have the feeling of insecure – that the photos are not as strong without faces (mostly from the back). They looked pretty good in colors but much of it is the blue sky and the water. The two dominate colors overwhelms this set. So b&w is one way to solve the problem. They actually turned out okay…just fine!!

Another issue is, to go from the zone focus to manually focusing on a subject was a bit problematic. The manual focus line on the viewfinder was so big. I often missed the focus. I tried to shoot vary in distance and didn’t to switch between auto and manual. And when there’s nothing in focus (even the focus is off by little), it’d be difficult to salvage from it (frustrating…Fuji…).

9 thoughts on “People of Tsing Yi

  1. Hi Alan,
    I know absolutely nothing about photography but I’ve lived in Hong Kong for three years now and your photos make me fall even more in love with this city. Incredibly evocative. I don’t know why your photos make me feel so happy, I’m sure there’s a technical reason…but thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks Jadeluxe. I had to look up the vocabulary ‘evocative’!!! I’m only observing my surroundings a tiny bit closer than a normal person, depending upon my mood I’d snap my photos of the people, place, moment. Every time a bit different.

      Under my family’s influence and perhaps more of my personality & social life. I don’t get to travel and visit places with people a lot. Instead, last few months I fell in love with photography and even head out alone to far away districts..mainly by MTR. I guess I’m much like you, hadn’t been exploring Hong Kong.. so you get the same feeling of how we should look at and appreciate this colorful city.

      I think for better or worse, photography have changed my life at this point of my life. Everyone should have something that they passionate about and I have found it 🙂 I’m glad I’ve started this blog and most importantly to be able to share and communicate with visitors like you 🙂

  2. Hey Alan, I think you are a great photographer, and you have superb BWs on this post. But the paragraph before the last one gives the impression that BW makes everything look good.
    Heard that too many times this week alone! Since I am an exclusively a BW shooter, I ranted a bit on my blog 🙂 :

    I would love to hear what you think about my point of view

    1. just read your post. i totally agreed on the potential of a photo. sometimes i don’t even realize how would a photo turn out in bnw. but fact is a fact, we need a strong photo content to make a photo from speak to sing. bnw is an expression and can be an attitude. Les Paul vs Fender strat or tele. lol wild comparison.

      photos in bnw without a clear,powerful content can look very good and meaningless. i often ask myself this question..that’s before taking it and before posting it. the repeated questioning helps selecting the better ones from our collection.

      i tend to take my time and try not to rush things. hopefully i could keep the quality up. everyone can be an equally good photographer. it’s just how we take one more step and capture what we like seeing 🙂

      thanks again have a good one!

    1. Thank you. another approach sort of..when I can’t find interesting enough person to be included in my photos. Something to lose, something to gain. It’s when I’m not aggressive enough to get my shots done and the environment was quite relax like exactly how you described. I think it still turned out okay as a set.

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