Along Shing Mun River – Shatin (City One)


Roadside cafe

When in a rural area of Hong Kong, my street photography would have more concentration on the environment than the person (subject) itself.  I often found it not as easy to time for the right moment. That’s when people are moving in speed (cycling, jogging, exercising..)

Secondary school

I was in City One for out of office work and got off early enough to enjoy the remaining beautiful sunny day. Breathing the fresh air helped me to ease stress. It’s good to be out of the downtown. There were plenty of cool scenery I wanted to capture. I did my best (of the day) to incorporate human elements to it. In a way to add dynamism to an ordinary scene.

Declared monument - Wong Uk
Declared monument – Wong Uk

It doesn’t matter how tired I was after work. I felt like walking. I walked for at least an hour and a half. Passed by a tourist attraction – Star Floating Restaurant.


There’d probably be more things going on during the weekend. However, I think it’s still very valuable experience to know how peaceful Shatin can be on a normal given day.

Exercise with parent

I also saw how the dragon boat athletes practiced before the big day (this weekend -Dragon Boat Festival). It’s our tradition to eat rice dumplings (端午糉) wrapped in bamboo leaves. Try to pick up one or two in your nearest Chinatown or Chinese grocery store. They’re yummy!

Dragon boat atheletes practice

On the bridge

Dragon boats



City One Station - MTR

It’s not the best representation of the location but that’s my encountering.

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