On a slow-cook mode.


It’s odd not to post essays of photos as often as before. The lack of outputs forced me to at least type out an update of my recent encounters.

I’m slowly realizing, shooting good photographs and turn out good after processing in the PC is not easy. And the more I learn about photography, the more I see others’ work, the more I shoot, the odds of getting my own photography acceptable to my own level is increasingly difficult. In other words, I’m increasingly picky on my own photos.

I’ve always been taking easy when i shoot photos after work. The fact is, I’m really not. When I have my camera in my hand, I just get super aware of every single thing around me. It’d been exhausting. And more to it, it’s getting difficult as I wander the same area in every two days. I don’t remember when was my last time wandering the streets see new things, checking out chicks, shopping and sipping a warm latte.

I’m in the middle of considering taking breaks during the week, a day or two (I’ll fight that by going out to the street anyway). I do not want photography become a burden to me while I also don’t want to tired myself/getting tired of it. After all, it’s only my hobby to share thoughts, get to know my home better and challenge myself.

On the other hand, I feel like I’m lacking some sort of purpose when i do my photography. My one and only purpose is to show the world how I look at my home which is great. My blog was facilitated to align with my purpose. Is this purpose powerful enough to fuel my blog and keep me going? Don’t know.

Speaking of blog, I like how I’m displaying my selected works on Tumblr. I’m doing a photo a day over there. The large format photo display really helps viewers to engage in a photo. The only downside is the community is not as well-appreciated as it’s in WordPress. So unless the author is famed for whatever he/she’s passionate about in his creative genre, or the author would not be easily discovered. Like I said before, I’m only opening a channel to whoever accidentally bump into my blog and wish to know more about my stuff. So I do not expect much from my tumblr blog.

I took my X100 to Wan Chai today. You’d be surprised how few photos I’ve taken. Only eight photos were taken during my photo walk about an hour. It’d be a slow process to gather my photos.

In fact, I just imported photos to my PC. That’s at least two weekends of photography. Some of them turned out okay. I really love the tones and dynamic range on my photos. Let’s see if I can put up another essay of Shatin (traveled to work last week) tomorrow or so.

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