People of Chai Wan


Chai Wan

Today I traveled to Chai Wan to visit a new photo gallery set up by Asia One – the AO Vertical Space. The brilliant idea is to use the space of a industrial building staircase as a gallery. I like the idea of it although there’s so much to improve. I’ll name a few here: lighting, reflection, air conditioning, noise echoing, … Other than that, it’s fine to check out photos taken by the Chinese professional photographers. It’s a group exhibition in chronicle order of the recent Chinese history from the 40s to the present time. There were altogether 13 stores of gallery space. It sounded like a lot of walking. It was actually effortless since visitors would view photos every 5 steps.

Lady reading paper on the go

Asia One also as a photo bookstore at the ground floor of the building. It’s a nice decorated store with lots of photo books by many photographers. They’re not really in a particular order. So it’s a matter of luck for you to look for a book that you want without anyone helping. The AO Bookstore do not carry much of the books I want to buy even their IFC shop is pretty easy to get to. I would rather order the books from Amazon.

I got fan

It’s a rainy day so I did not walk a whole lot for shooting. People tend to stay in anyway. So wasn’t much to see on the street. I took about 20 shots in an hour for the day. This series is a combination of my last visit in April and today’s rainy day.

No business yet, empty garage

Chai Wan was once an industrial district (Do not mix up with Wan Chai – a commercial district). It’s located on the far northeast of the Hong Kong Island. There’re cemeteries here stretches along the skirt of the mountain. When we (I) think of Chai Wan, we (I) think of cemeteries as everyone visits Chai Wan at least once a year to worship their ancestors.


There’s not much to write about this place. There’re eateries, restaurants, markets, etc in the area as there’re a few public estates. It’s not uncommon that an area is as boring as this. So I did not stay long and quickly left the place by MTR.

Man on the phone

Lady in the rain

Animal print

Man in the rain

Old lady

Chinese cheese

This series was done to put a close to it. I don’t think I’ll go there again to do any shooting.

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