Anders Petersen – The Swedish B&W master.


The B&W master was only a description I use as a title the first thing in mind when I’d first seen his photos. So you’ve noticed lately whenever I’m with my GRD camera, my photos are in b&w. While I can most definitely tell you that photographers I’ve come across do not have much influence on how I capture my world. The way they present the photos, either digital or film have changed the way I present them as well.

I actually want to see more how black and white can setup the subject(s), how it affects my composition, how I should process my photos the way I want, … I think it also affect how I select my photos too…

I stumbled upon this documentary photographer Anders Petersen while I was checking out compact film rangefinders (Konica C35 or Contax T2/3…forgot which). That’s the beauty of the digital world. You’ll never know what you would find on the web, just like how you found my blog 😉
I saw a pretty cool b&w photo so I clicked on it. I wasn’t expecting much but wanted to see more of the photographer’s photo.

After glancing through his works, it reminds me of another great photographer (Jacob Aue Sobol – yes, the Leica M-Monochrom guy). While they share some similarities on some of their subjects, their style go different ways. What I like seeing from Anders is the dirty look of his photos. His photos look as dirty as Daido Moriyama’s early works. Anders’ subjects were only creepier and many were posed.

Check out his photos:

I’d been shooting way too few photos in the past few days in the district I work at. I could end up only 3-4 shots of a 30 min walk. All I see after work is people walking without expressions and catching their transportation to head home (i’ve seen much of this). Most of them are either listening to music, doing stuff with their phones. I am not too interested with the subjects like that. It’s hard to spot out subjects doing things out of the norm. Perhaps that’s the whole point of photography.

I’ll take a ferry cross the harbor tomorrow and get out of the boring commercial district. How about at least 10 interesting shots tomorrow night. You heard me I’m not too harsh to myself 😉

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