Days before the Memorial Day of the June Fourth Incident (六四事件前夕)


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A little piece of bilingual essay this time. I found it meaningful to me that’s why..

I have never attended any political rally/protest of any kind. Part of the reason is because I never care about Hong Kong. This year I started to concern more about the future of Hong Kong as the Legislative Council is not functioning too well due to the ramification of the Parties interests. Many policies is at halt. Many long term plans had been banned. Many short term measurements without the real world research have been done. It all got me thinking why is Hong Kong in such position not going forward, not looking ahead.

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I feel the urge of myself standing out to speak (not physically). I signed up as a Voter first time this year.

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I know very little about the June Fourth Incident (Tiananmen Square protests of 1989). Thanks to wiki, I could learn about what’s going on back then. When I see the casualty and injury numbers, I know something’s not right. I think either right or wrong at that incident, the Chinese government should have come out and speak after years.

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In Hong Kong, the June Fourth Incident is one of the main events to protest against the  Chinese government. We all raise the question why the people who wish their country to move forward and change resulted in such tragedy. Even until this day, there’re political movement leaders being held in custody, fled to foreign countries for asylum or worse being monitored like a zoo panda (Ai Wei Wei).


On friday I passed by Time Square and saw the University Union fasting (64 hrs). There’s also a forum, two guests spent their evenings sharing their experience back in 1989. I sat down and listened for 20 or so minutes.

Days before June Fourth Incident @ Time Square

Whatever the case might be, I want to hear more about the past. We can learn from our past to pave for the future. I’ll be attending in tomorrow’s Memorial Day of June Fourth Incident at the Victoria Park with my dad and sister.

Fasting - Days before June Fourth Incident @ Time Square


Forum - Days before June Fourth Incident @ Time Square





Days before June Fourth Incident @ Time Square

6 thoughts on “Days before the Memorial Day of the June Fourth Incident (六四事件前夕)

  1. Alan, I’m glad that young people like you are starting to feel a sense of Hong Kong identity. I was in my 2nd yr at Lancaster Uni, UK & my friends & I had just been sitting and talking with a HK friend who was on 24 hr hunger strike protest the night of 4 June for our Chinese society. It was around midnight when we got frantic calls from other Chinese Society student members to switch our tvs on: “The army are killing the students in Tiananmen with tanks!”
    My friends and I rushed back to our dorm, put on the TV, and right in front of our eyes, the news showed tanks mowing down the very students we had been supporting! How terrible!
    My friends and I were in total shock!

    I am interested you say HK parties are in-fighting. Politics in HK will always be influenced by our ‘motherland’ & we need higher calibre politicians who will help HK be proud of its uniqueness: we are Cantonese Hong Kong Chinese.
    National Geographic magazine has an article in it’s June 2012 edition – read it or check out some of the article and photogaphy on
    You have all my support tomorrow. Every new day brings HOPE.

    1. Thank you Alison for sharing your experience. I could picture the seriousness of the situation as it continued to escalate at the time it happened. We would not care about it if we’re not the people of China/Chinese.

      1. I hate the apathy that Britain shows to elections with appaulingly low turn outs of 30-40%, like democracy is taken for granted when so many other countries are unable to cast a vote. So well done again signing up is a positive step.

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