My Facebook Page is now available!!!


Facebook Page is created!

I realized not everyone uses WordPress. And I’m very grateful for the existing WordPress followers that had been following my blog and embrace the entire “bloggerism” environment. Facebook page is now launched for whom who stumbled upon my page thru random searches, referred links and whatever. Nowadays almost anyone uses Facebook to get updates from anything they like. So it’s created to communicate between anyone who’s interested in my photography and thus easier to get information going on the net.

I’m still thinking about the Google’s a bit different from Facebook. I’ll keep you all posted if I want my page created at Google Plus. Twitter might be my future plan too…who knows…following blog via email and RSS are ZzzZZz…trying Facebook!

I’d been always curious how many external users (including Google Blogger) would follow my blog through Facebook. It’s going to be a good indicator in months ahead.

Mini-updates will be posted via Facebook if there’re enough folks following. My page is still work-in-progress. I’ll get it straight ASAP.

Facebook Page address:
or go to the right column to ‘Like’.

Thanks again!
Alan P.

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