Giacomo Brunelli – The Animals


I came across with this Italian photographer on EDZINE (Edwin Magazine Europe). Giacomo Brunelli grew up in a farm and he’s fond of animals. Some of his famous Animals photos were being featured in the magazine. In fact, his works had been on the magazine every once in a while. It’s no surprise I finally see his work.

While I do not have any passion for wildlife photography, I see Giacomo’s photos as street photography just in a different context. It reminds me of Daido Moriyama’s stray dog photo. And better yet, Giacomo’s blinded stray dog is scarier and more captivating!

The way how Giacomo process/develop his film photos is gritty and gloomy. And he even  photographed dead animals. His high contrast black and white does not remind me of any wildlife photos in safari or rain forest. They’re the animal ‘street portraiture’!!

Wild animals vs tamed animals
I never thought of this way. But in fact my theory applies here. Tamed animals are like models, they are being fed, protected and happy. Wild/stray animals are the opposite, they’re like the afflicted zombies. Always hungry, alert, and in battle mode. A distinction that I overlook as a city man. Stray animals might put a photographer in danger, but the captured results could be far more rewarding than an average tamed animal. That’s my two cents.

Head to his website and find out more on his photography. Pretty impressive stuff and could be useful to influence your photography (at least I think so.)

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