Flash banging with X100 on the street for an hour.


I'm multi-tasking
I’m multi-tasking

So much hype i got over the Fuji EF-X20 flash. I bought some expensive and highly recommended batteries to test it out. (sorry for the terrible photos..I’m working on it.)

Sanyo Eneloop

The EV was tuned down to -1.33 to -2.00 on my X100. The TTL auto settings were between 0 to -1/3. I just wanted to see how the EVs would affect on my photos. I have no idea how the manual flash setting would do to my subject. So I don’t dare to touch it until I know a bit more about flash. The shutter speed were all 1/30 by default. I should have pushed it up or down and see the difference.

And I got guts until..that’s how the story goes…Here we go…

Well dressed
Well dressed

I was going from point A to point B. I took pictures of interesting people as I walked. I would put it this way and consider myself had a rough start. And it prevented me from hunting for shots… I think this happens once in a while when I come across with subjects turn from perfectly normal expression to a frowned face “what the hell” expression. I did smiled and said thank you, you look great twice. It wasn’t helping or anything..wrong language? So that little WTH expression kept coming up in my head. That’s going to last for a day or two, oh boy…

Well dressed lady
Well dressed lady

It’s something that I have to fight if I go flash banging with my camera on the street. I felt weird. I don’t know the pictures I took are something I want to do going forward. Obviously I pictured the person and a certain look or expression. What else is there in the photo, hmmm…not much. Maybe i’m too chicken to shoot more interesting people and things..I just don’t know. I’ll continue to do that at night and find out myself.

Untitled – camera was acting slow..it’s still a photo

Other than that incident, it’s fun…i just need to have more guts and be quicker next time. And how about composition which I concern most of the time? forget about it for now…making it a habit is far more important than anything else. Compo is only a bonus for me.


The Indian guy made me felt better as soon as I waved, smiled and said thanks. He immediately waved and smiled at me too. There’s always the good and the bad effect on people. Either I move on or struggle forever. That sums up for the night.

Towel can be a hip street headwear
Towel headwear

I hate the reflective road signs xD…

It’s kind of mind-boggling to commit doing something that I’m not too used to. Overcoming the frowned WTF/WTH expressions by people won’t be easy. I don’t want my new flash unit go to waste either.. No wonder photographers tend to get a few drinks prior shooting. Having a relaxed and “i’m going to flashbang you up” attitude really helps. I’m too sane and tense to pull out shots I want after work.

4 thoughts on “Flash banging with X100 on the street for an hour.

  1. Beautiful post. I like honesty in photography related blogs.
    I often struggle with the same feelings myself..
    The photos are pretty good for the first time 🙂
    I kind of didnot find the road signs so bothering until You wrote about it.
    At the last pic, they are good as they lead me to the person anyway 🙂
    I will be waiting for the nest post.

    1. id probably won’t post my photos right the way if i wasn’t struggling. I really think writing can help clear my mind sometimes and straighten my path.Thanks again for the comforting comment.

  2. Nice to read about your experience. And because of struggling with yourself it’s fun to. As you know, there is a lot of discussion going on about the flash thing in street photography. I thing, you never know as long as you didn’t try on your own. You did, that’s good. Personally I like the discreet shooting more. Not because of avoiding any bad discussion with people – I never had so far btw – it’s because of the way you get into situations by walking around, the possibility witnessing a moment that is not influenced by your presence. I call it: Harvesting moments. What you do with flash is creating moments. It’s not bad. It’s just important to be aware of it. If so, you can handle it.

    1. yes. harvesting is the right term to describe it. i totally see a different me tonight again with my GRD. i shot 87 photos in an hour. i felt like i was constrained with my gear last night. Felt so insecured… my post coming up next will eleborate a bit more.

      thanks 😉

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