Jonathan van Smit – Welcome to the dark side.


This week I was googling about street photography and come across Jonathan van Smit, a HK-based New Zealand street photographer’s work. He seems pretty well known for his photography in Hong Kong. I have to mention him on my blog (unfortunately I cannot provide his photos here).

His type of street photography is hip shooting (if not all, that’s his signature) with ultra wide angle lens 15mm, 21mm. That’s wide almost like fisheye?! That has to be shot close.  All of his recent works are in B&W. Reminds me of Moriyama san on dope…if you know what i mean. His theme and material are based on the unseen part of Hong Kong. You may say the ugly part of it. I don’t think I’d go that deep given that fact I’m asian with yellow skin…

He’s ruthless and fearless. He had a few life threatening incidents as I read from his Leica interview. It’s no joke..I had stray dog followed me in a deserted open air car park once and I almost peed in my pants ;X

It’s good to know someone is doing this type of photography in Hong Kong. It’s always good to learn and see how the pros perceive the world. ..

I have always wondered if street photography is active here although less of my concern. I can’t seem to find the names of photographer (in Chinese) who are active in the field. I have searched a couple times along the line of “香港街頭攝影” – directly translates into Hong Kong Street Photography. The results I found are most random posts on public forum. There’s no blog, person or striking images from the search. The image results are even worse, most are cityscapes, buildings, artsy bokeh of dead objects on the street. Just not the resources I wanted.

Nothing would change me, I want to see and explore by observing the others. I can’t get his photos here posted without the permission. So I’ll provide you the links to check out his work.

Jonathan van Smit Official Page
Leica Interview

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