People of Hong Kong in B&W


Checking you out
Checking you out

I had been organizing my photo archive. I found out I’ve got tons of crappy photos. The earlier they were, the crappier they were. I had no idea why I had some of them taken..The only comfort is, I get more consistent shots in these past few weeks than ever. Probably I’d say that again in 3 months again. That’s when I started 3 months ago.

Man and Boat
Man and Boat

Picking out photos from archive for this post was a pain. They’re also the ones that I felt not qualified for my previous posts. I did it to review my work so far. The question is why i did it..

No idea what's building along the shore
No idea what’s building along the shore

I had a flickr contact asked why I’m primarily shooting with the GRD. I told him it’s the simple, robust and compact design that encourages me to go out daily and shoot. He’s in the situation and wondered why not use the GXR 28mm instead? The better quality, larger sensor and whatnot. The fact is, I want one too. I want one with the M mount so I could use the cool M lenses. I also thought about the shots that I missed today due to the parallax and the below par 85% fields of view OVF. I blame myself for the mistakes. I

got hit
Got hit

One thing that the GXR i don’t like about is the lack of a built-in OVF. Meaning if a flash is mounted on, you can’t use a OVF. Either or…I’m happy with my X100 and thinking about getting a flash for it.

Tang Lai Kwan theme restaurant
Tang Lai Kwan theme restaurant

I almost finished seeing the photo books i got yesterday. I agreed it’s tough to anticipate for a magical shot. The pros are good at that. And I’m not. I’m nothing like the masters obviously, I’m still humbled to learn.


The Iron Man DVDs i bought recently gave me a good tip when on the street – Analyze how would a picture turn out when I take it prior to any action, just like a simulation.

Man with hat
Man with hat

This series is made up of average not-cut-out photos from April and May. The B&W goes well with the given settings in the photos. Maybe you’d think they’re okay. It depended on my mood.

Scratching the head
Scratching the head

There’s the new $7000 Leica M-M for B&W photography. I got my cheap ass USD $600 Ricoh GRD IV. Guess what, it can shoot black and white too..only with in different magnitude.


Protest - anti-capitalistism, we're the 99%
Labor Day Protest – anti-capitalistism, we’re the 99%

Grandma & her Granddaughter
Grandma & Granddaughter

I’ll work up a portfolio some time the end of this year and get my blog more organized bit by bit.

Dream on for a Leica M one day ;P

14 thoughts on “People of Hong Kong in B&W

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I believe sometimes some of the greatest shots are actually those we take accidentally and we overlooked them on our first few glances.

      It’s pain in the ass to go back to the archive. But it’s fun to rediscover photos we’ve taken!!

      1. I completely agree. Had the same joy to discovery old pearls hidden in my archive a few time (including the last two uploads on my blog that people are jsut loving and I had always underestimated)

    1. Thanks! I’m still learning day by day!~
      I like your photo blog of NY. Really regret why I had not visit NYC back then when i was in the States. Oh well..I wasn’t into photography back then anyway ;P
      Have a great day.

    1. You’re absolutely right. Our eyes are the most valuable asset of a photographer. Camera is simply just a tool to record the sight of what a person sees.

      Camera also allow to discover our alternative eye sight. Can be by mistakes, by limitation of a camera, …

      Love your street shots made by your X100 on your blog! Keep them coming and have a great day!

    1. Yes, 125tel. plenty of chest/hip/blind shooting in this series. Timing is alright all because of the snap focus especially when shooting blindly ;P Thanks for your positive criticism. I wish more readers can tell me what they think they don’t like about. Then I can improve from it..

      I like your street photos of Germany too, is that germany by the way ?!

      1. You are welcome, Alan! Yes it’s Germany. I live in a City called Leipzig. Feel free to comment my pictures as well. Criticism is a good way to learn about what we like to do. – Cheers KUM (125tel)

  1. I really enjoy looking through your photo posts. The candid street shots are great and you do a really nice job capturing what’s going on around you (I could argue they start to give me the sense of how life is somewhere else). Though I think you do a good job with black and white photography as well, I miss the vibrant colors of daily life captured in all of your other photo sets.

    1. Thanks so much, kuhlektiv. That’s the life on the main street of Hong Kong. When I have more guts and seasoned, I’ll go off grid showing lives on the dark side. I really wish to accomplish that one day, it could be few to many years from now…or i’d do it collectively as a project.

      I always think there’s always two side on the same coin. I could discover more on the other side.

      As for the colors. I try to stay on colors, and there’s the limitation by my current daily camera. Plus, black and white makes the boring places i walk by daily more subtle and less repetitive in a way. I do love colors though. As you see when I travel out of town, I display my photos in colors most of the time.

      Check back some other time. I have good stuff posted here once in a while i believe ;P

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