Streets of Jordan to Mong Kok


Jockey gambling
Jockey Gambling

Candid street photography requires walking. I’m realizing it’s a good cardio-exercise in summer. I get to sweat and replenish with a beverage. And how about a bite of puff pastry from a fresh bakery off the corner. That’s precisely what I’ve done.

I normally don’t upload/process photos on the same day. It was an exception due to the various themes I’ve encountered today. It’s quite something I think, for a short less than 3 hours of wandering on the streets.

I had no planned routes, purely wandering around and exploring every street corners. It was 3pm, I arrived at Jordan by MTR. The night before I was with my friends on the Temple Street. I found it really cool, it could be troublesome to shoot photos of the locals at night. I don’t dare trying, at least not with a shiny camera. I revisited the Temple Street again.

Temple Street arch
Temple Street arch

It’s not uncommon to see an arch in Chinatown overseas. There’s this arch actually here, reminding while I was in the U.S. So irony…

The camera with me today has a focal length of 35mm (X100). It’s very tight for narrow streets. I often found myself not having enough distance to frame my shots. I managed to pull out some shots I wanted while keeping myself invisible. I did miss many passer-by portraits. Way too many that I don’t want to accept. I’ll put a note on that and work on it later on.

Jockey gambling - speaking of industrious
Jockey gambling – speaking of industrious

Sunday is a Jockey race day. A big day for many as it’s a habit for the locals to place bets for win! It’s actually quite exciting to do it (I’d done it with friends). I wouldn’t say it’s addictive, it’s more of an atmospheric force that makes you do it. And there’s more than just placing bets. A couple other factors come into play, such as who’s the jockey, the weights of the jockey & horse, what’s the horse latest conditions/results, whether the horse is good on grass/mud/wet. It sounds so technical when I first heard about it.

So there’re all these people hanging out near the Jockey Club branches to share tips, place bets and whatnot. They’re all good.

Jockey gamblers
Jockey gamblers

After seeing these busy people, I came across with this dog. It’s not a good shot of her. She’s actually dressed up with blue jeans and shirt!!! My first time seeing a dog with jeans on!!! She’s overly excited about my presence. She jumped on me…Perhaps because of my stinky broken jeans?! I was busy playing with her forgot about another picture of her…

Excited dog
Excited dog

I walked in the market of Shanghai Street. I stopped by a bakery for a pastry.

Shanghai Street
Shanghai Street

I found the right spot and snap this photo. I was there.

Listening to the jockey race
Listening to the jockey race

I turned into a corner and found this man with his cigarette, reading the jockey paper. I think he’s working at the shop next to it. Who cares whether he’s working, if he wins. He got the money!

Fa lun Kung protest demonstration

I was done with the Temple street and the area around it. I decided to head to Mong Kok which is two subway stops away. I was back on the main road and I found there were police setting up road blocks. I heard sounds of parade from distance. Alright beginning part was a parade, it was actually a protest demonstration by Falun one cares about them anymore in Hong Kong. Just don’t mess with the public and we won’t mess with you.

The recent famous local design for demonstration (Jun 4th Tiananmen)
The recent famous local design for demonstration (Jun 4th Tiananmen)

Speaking of protest, if you google ‘Long Hair Hong Kong’. He’s the master of demonstration. Some thinks that he’s too aggressive and try to make unnecessary scenes in the public. He got arrested all the time. On the top of that, he’s actually a member of the Legislative Council. LOL. Anyway, I’m not too sure who’s idea it was. Sometime this year, their democratic party had come up with paper models for demonstration. They’re simple, colorful, expressive! The famous green tanks. It resembles the tanks at the Tiananmen Square Jun 4th 1989. The man in the photo is Long Hair’s partner, Tsang Kin Shing. There’s this art workshop at the street corner. They were showing how they were made.

Bank of China limited edition banknote speculation tradingBank of China limited edition banknote speculation trading

Hong Kong is famous for speculations – reselling for money. After the iPhones, there’s iPads. Anything that is limited supply, there’re people doing trades. Speculation is making Hong Kong look so hidieous. We’re the financial center of this part of the world. Yet money is still a scarce resource for many. Or I think it’s Hong Kong people’s habit to follow what others are doing. I personally don’t do. I just don’t want Hong Kong to look like that and I got BETTER things to do.

When fire inspectors can't read the name of the building
When fire inspectors can’t read the name of the building

There were these fire inspectors checking for indoor fire facilities/safety. Um..They were confused and smiling whether they are at the right place. I couldn’t help to pull out my camera from a bag to take this photo.

After that, I arrived in Mong Kok. I was a bit tired so I was slow on scanning for subjects.


Mainland tourist/Loving mom feeding daughter
Mainland tourist/Loving mom feeding daughter.

Then I wandered into a movie set!

Movie shooting in the street of Mong Kok with William Chan
Movie shooting in the street of Mong Kok with William Chan

They were filming and I got to see the movie stars. I only recognized William Chan. He got fake blood on his chin and some scattered fruits, fish balls on the ground. Must’d been a fighting scene.

Battle scars show off at the movie set.
Battle scars show off at the movie set.

I really don’t know who he is. But there you go, showing off his beaten back.

Back to street photography, again.

Enjoying his own world.
Enjoying his own world.

That dude was walking so fast that I was panning for the shot. I just have to go fast next time when I do portraits on subjects. I actually can pull it off.

I also wandered into the famous Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market. I got a few great environmental shots. I’ll get them posted tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Streets of Jordan to Mong Kok

  1. Great series of photos! Very well taken.

    Just curious, what is your favourite focal length for your street photography? Just asking because 35mm usually is the standard but I notice that you mention that it seems too narrow?

    1. Thanks for dropping me a line. I would answer it this way. I use my GRD/28mm a lot as its too obvious to shoot around daily in the neighborhood. I don’t really want to be noticed with a shiny camera.

      Until recently, I read photo books of some photographers. I noticed how they fill the frame with characters and stories. I began to shoot with a 35mm. You know the streets here are quite narrow at times. I either step back or have other unwanted elements in my photo or worst, let the moment go away.

      28mm is for my all purpose daily use+practice. Yea. I treat my daily shoots as practices 😉 And 35mm X100 as my weekend camera. I guess the only thing that really matter is whether I could find interesting things to capture… That I found to be not easy! 😛

    1. That’s my first photo post after my freshly pressed. I had to make it look good to thank both WordPress and the readers. And that day was adventurous and fun (it’s usually not..)

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