Freshly Pressed! Oh my!

Daily Journals

Before Today
My blog as many of you who have been following is about me and my life in Hong Kong. And lately my new passion ‘Street Photography’ had got me motivated to go out and shoot photos. I think I have terrible photos from time to time (I admit). I even have them posted as to display for my hobby-sake. It’s also a good progress indicator of how I was in time stream. Photograph is nothing if it’s unseen by anyone. Each and everyday I checked on my blog stat – about 40-60 hits per day (topped at 124 last month). That’s really not bad at least someone searched for images and got them interested enough to check it out.

I slept in as usual. I heard a few notification sound from my cellphone of a few usual bloggers liked my post last night shortly after posting. That’s about it. Until I woke up in the morning. I checked my Whatzapp messages from my buddy then my new email notifications…there were 95 new emails sitting in my mailbox. Holy crap what happened?!

I did it! After 4 months of posting, my post ‘People of To Kwa Wan‘ got featured in WordPress as their Freshly Pressed post. I think I was as happy as getting a date. hehe…

I don’t like bragging and taking things as granted, that’s just not me. I appreciate things and people. I’ll start thanking WordPress (whoever picked my post), Galaxy S2, Google Map, and my Ricoh GRD camera. Without my phone and a GPS guided map, I would get lost. My compact camera had done an excellent job being my assistant, capturing the things i wanted to document. And the WordPress monitor who finally picked out my blog at the right time. I did not have enough good posts any time earlier than yesterday. I also want to thank all the fellow bloggers who had followed me in these past few months. Their ‘likes’ had kept me moving.

After Today
I think this is a great stepping stone for me to blog meaningful stuff of my home. I can photograph things I wanted to photograph. With my blog to show it to all of you around the world. It’s a very huge motivation as well as recognition for my future posts.

Photography is my hobby, something I enjoy doing without pressure. In fact, I want to improve and be someone who’s knowledgeable in this genre. I feel like I just took off from the starting point and beginning my journey. I’ll continue capture the moments of what I see each and every day. It’s been a great pleasure to report lives of my city, Hong Kong!!!

For the time being, you may browse my picked posts:

Thanks everyone who had visited, commented, liked my post. I sound like I just won an Oscar Nominee. Alright, good night, good day!

11 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed! Oh my!

    1. Thanks sleepwalkingintokyo. I constantly want to improve my photography. I’m always thinking and observing. I hope I’ll come up with more dramatic scenes and people in the future.

  1. Pretty good.. well I stumbled onto your blog from Freshly Pressed.. so you have interesting photographs of HK, a city that I have never been to. ^_^

  2. Congratulations! You definitely have great photos and are worthy of being freshly pressed. I’ve been in the US for a while now but thanks to you I get to visit my old home with every post you make. HK FTW!

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