What if Daido Moriyama has an iPhone?


Famous Photographer Daido Moriyama is known for his unique photographic sense on basically anything. He shoots on film with his GR21. His GR21 is considered the last era of compact film camera. While he’s still doing his work in black and white on film, there’re signs of him playing with digital photography. Although I would imagine in my own preconception that, he’s not so good with computer of his generation; and I never seen him showing his computer in his apartment. How could someone that only use film camera could develop photos digitally with LR, Nik Silver Efex, etc???

We see digital photography have become part of our lives. We carry camera phones with us wherever we go. I, myself love snapping random photos off the street, buildings, anything and post it on Instagram. I’m sure this is a very amateur way to do serious photography. But when I think of it, Moriyama san style is basically shooting in a similar manner. Anything he sees interesting and appeal to his eyes, he snaps it.

I have heard about how people actually process mobile photos in their phones (especially with the iPhone apps). I could totally picture Moriyama san shooting photos with an iPhone and process them in the phone the way he want it (perhaps with a tailored app for his black and white development). He would have far more photos taken at his disposal than ever!

Perhaps someone had already let him try a toy like that in his photo sessions. I think it’d be fun to see how he snaps photos with it.

I ordered my first book by Daido Moriyama today. It’s the most recommended ‘The world thru my eyes’. Along together with more books by Andreas Herzau. I found out today in his blog post, he actually own a FujiX100! He commented in german and said the camera is compact but operate in a weird way. Everything else flows like water (umm…yea translated from Google).

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