I was in Sai Kung – Part II


View from Country Park
View from Country Park

This is what I previously mentioned in Part I yesterday about the breathtaking view. No wonder lots of wealthy family chose to live near the sea. It’s beautiful.

I used shoot landscape and cityscape photos when I had my Lumix G3. It’s been part of the history. That being said, it’s actually few months ago, up til December 2011.

I believe landscape photography is all about the magic hours and equipment set up. The scene is always there for you. I used to worry about the lens filter, what aperture to use, pixel noise when shooting at night. I even thought that G3 was THE ULTIMATE camera I need for landscape. Until I’d seen people shot unbelievably sharp photos with a compact camera. I questioned myself why do I need so many lenses and filters?

This part II of this series. I’m showing what a compact camera can do with landscape photography on a sunny day. In my case, it’s a GRD.

“I stopped worried about all the crap i need for a photograph. Just shoot what means to me and that’s it. It doesn’t matter what others think.”

Paved country park trail
Paved country park trail

I used to shoot the same scene repeatedly, umm..many of the same photo. I realized that wasn’t for me. And I eventually got bored in this genre. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like shooting landscape. I enjoy doing it when I come by scenes that worth my time shooting at. And thank god, I only do 2 shots of each scene max. I just save a whole bunch of my time by switch to this state of mind. I encourage you to do the same, do no more than 3 shots at the same spot. You’d be much better off spending time sipping a can of soda than scratching on your heads to decide which are the best ones.

There're cows in the area..
There’re cows in the area..

Just like what comes out from a cow, you don’t want to look for another angle or do adjustments on camera, or even think about changing lens. Just snap and go! I think it’s one of my important encounters to document in my trip.



It’s been ages since I went to a beach. Last time i did was in the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. It was a trip with my host family back in the States on my sophomore year in college. To be honest, I had no recollection of what I had done on that road trip. Everything became so vague without photos. I feel like my college years hadn’t really happen. If I could relive the years again, I’d first pick another major and go everywhere with a camera.


There’s a geopark in Hong Kong. It’s also in the Sai Kung area. It carries the home to the world’s largest or biggest rock formations. It’s worth seeing. Alright, I haven’t been there. But that’s something cool and if you like geology, it’s a must-go.

Kid playing in the water
Kid playing in the water

The north side of Sai Kung, there’s a place we call it Hoi Ha Wan. That actually means “Bay Under the Sea”. The water again here is so clear, can see thru the bottom. And the bonus to that is, there’re coral reefs. Some area is preserved as a marine park. There’re boat rides that have transparent glasses replaced as the button allowing visitors to see the beautiful sea world.

Coral Reef boatman
Coral Reef boatman

Coral Reef in Hong Kong.

It’s raining here again today. Reviewing the photos does ease my work tension. Oh, it’s weekend again!

5 thoughts on “I was in Sai Kung – Part II

  1. I would often take photos of the same scene as well.. just as a reference point. I made my way over to other parts that I don’t blog about. But it is a pretty good experience.

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