People of San Po Kong


At the Market
At the Market

It’s not my first time visiting the old district of Wong Tai Sin. But this time, I actually went to Choi Hung/San Po Kong another area of the district. Old districts are full of elderly folks, they are easily become my subjects. They’re the ones who are actually live and wander in the district. The younger generation, just married couples and family with kids would not spend time in the area like this. They tend to travel to districts with huge shopping malls and whatnot.

Shopping Kart
Shopping Karts


Prior visiting the area, my actual intention was to see the former international airport of Hong Kong – the Kai Tak Airport. It’s a piece of land that had been shut down for 14 years. There’s no development due to the conflict of interests in the government. Very sad…a piece of land that tax payer obligated to tax for. See how many things could be done in 14 years. A kid that once to be, now becoming a man (like me). That’s half of my age.


Let's laid back for Beer and cigarette
Let’s laid back for Beer and cigarette

I do not see any other things to shoot with that day. It was a brief visit..especially it’s a sunday..not much action going on. People were laid back. After the visit, I got to Ngan Tsin Wai Tsuen. Not much street photography this time to speak of in my San Po Kong series, i feel this is more of documenting..

sitting high
Sitting high

Friend chatting on a street
Friends chatting on a street

Picking teeth
Picking teeth

Entering the Kowloon City
Entering the Kowloon City

Day end closing
Day end closing

2 thoughts on “People of San Po Kong

    1. Heh, thanks Bill. Another friend on Flickr said so. She’s really working and in action. It’d feel like she’s moving in the picture.

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