Off to Jiang Men (江門), Guangdong, China – Part III


Graveyard cleaners
Graveyard cleaners

Previously on Part I & Part II.

The last set of my Jiang Men series. I present you the scenary of several locations i’ve visited. I have mentioned I’d briefly stopped by a restaurant, graveyard, grandma’s home, and the pier. Let’s begin to see those places!

The first photo above was the graveyard of a few of my grandma/uncles/etc. Location-wise, it’s a very beautiful place. I could see the mountain lines stretching at distant. A block of tall trees is shielding the entire area. This is all i could show to remain the graves anonymously from the back. I respect the others.

Village scenery near my grandma's home
Village scenery near my grandma’s home

I felt any urge to picture the surrounding area of my grandma’s village. I have memories of myself spending a few days in a hot summer in the village staying at my grandma’s house. I could still vaguely picture how the village look like in the past. There used to be a huge pond in front of the house. And there were many ponds in the village…sadly they’re all gone now. The only few entertainment as a kid in this village in the past (without iPod, HD tv, practically nothing..) was to throw rocks at the pond. And that was the place I learned how to make rocks jump on the water.

Village scenery near my grandma's home
The house next door.

It’s all too clear now, these brick houses are historic in the 21st century. It’s basically not exist in the modern world like Hong Kong. I’m the last generation who had spend childhood (although only stayed for days) in ancestor’s brick houses.

The sky from grandma's house
The sky from grandma’s house

I had drank water from a well. Don’t ask me if it’s clean, i did it anyway. How do they cook back then, let say 20 years ago? They burn woods to make fire on stove in the village. And they made great tasting home cooking. I still remember that!

Danger high voltage
Danger high voltage like these give me factions and flashes of my childhood. I really did not remember what I had done during the summer holidays spent in Jiang Men. I only know I was there seeing my relatives, eating together.

Huge storage facility
Huge storage facility

I really want to see and explore more in China. Not only for photography, but also to see what old villages/remains look like before the rapid city development takes over. China has got its charm. I just don’t get to see the beautiful side of it.

Man entering the premise
Man entering the premise

The road
The road

Move on to the next location. It’s good that my sister asked to visit the Jiang Men Star Park. In many ways, it resembles the Avenue of Star in Hong Kong and in Hollywood?! There’re handprints and statues of past and current Hong Kong & Mainland Chinese artists, singers, celebrities. And yes there’s Jackie Chan! I’m more of a Donnie Yen fan.

The Bridge @ Jiang Men Star Park
The Bridge @ Jiang Men Star Park

TV tower
TV Tower

Star statue looking at the sun
Star statue looking at the sun

Some statues look really cool. Just like this one.

Ip Man statue
Ip Man!

Go watch the Ip Man movie if you haven’t. You’ll just fall in love with the franchise and the character Donnie Yen portrayed. Ip Man is based on a true story, if you put yourself in our shoe as Chinese you would feel why he fought and protect his people. Not only saving others, but to keep the people’s dignity.

Chinese national flag

This sums up my trip to Jiang Men. It’s not an interesting place for many. It definitely means a lot to me. It’ll always be part of my home.

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