People of Hong Kong: Experience during the day.


"Why pushing so hard" the girl says
“Why pushing so hard?” girl says

I decided i could take it slow and don’t force any unnecessary shot. A very standout characters would appear by chance or at the right time of the day. Just like today at noon, I walked up to Central and found many ladies dressed up good. They are my first priority, although you haven’t seen much ladies in my photos yet. It’ll be soon.

Lady Resting
Lady Resting

There were just so many cool characters appeared during the lunch hour. When compare to the evening, at night; it’s a let down. It’s more difficult to find characters to photograph. Everything seems the same.

Comfy place to pick my nose.
Comfy place to pick my nose.

Such as this man, he’s a worker at some dried seafood shop. In the evening, they all would be home already. Gone.

Come buy...
Come buy…

Same for this old lady. She’d be home eating dinner at night.

Man grabbing the handrail
Man grabbing the handrail

Are there still things that would interest me at night? Yes, but I would have to find it a lot more patiently and would require visiting other districts. This man looked as he’s got authority, I was intrigued by his hand on the handrail. So i walked up to him and 😀 Sometimes I just know when I’ve to walk up to people especially when they’re in my way.

No Entry
No Entry

I stopped by the public toilet at the Victoria Park. And when I done using, I spotted a man walked toward the barrier with a sign says ‘No Entry’.

Chef with Tin cans
Chef with tin cans

It saves effort, time and relatively easier to shoot better street photography during the day. That’s what I figured. A change in pace gives me a fresh leg to re-configure myself on how to capture in a normal week day lunch hour. I’ve never done that in Central during weekdays.

Behind the gate
Behind the gate

The city is pretty much alive in the day. I thought I could be at least 50% more aggressive. I’ll keep trying on another day. It’s way better than shooting during weekends. There’s 80% less working people on weekends at the center of commercial district.

Fashionable Lady with a red hat
Fashionable Lady with a red hat

As I mentioned, well-dressed ladies would appear more often from my photography. This is my debut so to speak ;P I was slightly too early on the shutter. I look at it as the imperfectness adds mood, drama, rawness to the street photography. Next time I’ll do better. I look forward to it!

Lady in cap
Lady in cap.

The last photo is a bonus to myself. I thought the deep depth of field would make the main character not standout. I thought the lack of bokeh background around the lady would not draw the viewer’s attention. It turned out just fine. I was happy. Thanks to the rest of the crowd not looking to my camera or I’d not be able to pull this off. It’s once again showing the power of the GRD and how I photograph without the large image sensor & bokeh.

P.S. One of my contacts at Flickr commented on one of my photos and says the Asian Women are hot when they smoke. I added, ‘so as when they were on the phone’. A lot of them got great pose.

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