People of Tsim Sha Tsui


Who use phone booth these days
Who use phone booth these days

Last friday briefly after the Fujifilm X100 firmware update v1.20, I brought my X100 out and hoped there were unlisted issues fixed. The focus ring is actually a bit more responsive when it’s not in macro mode. Apart from that the listed enhancement that I loved was the customizable RAW button. The rest were irrelevant for me. The rest of the flaws i could still live with it.

I got off work and went to a nearby waterfront park to test out the camera. From distance I saw a man with a shiny camera spotting things to shot with. His camera looked like a rangefinder, at first I thought it must be some Leica nuts playing with their  toys. But then as I walked closer, it’s a X100! Of course i cheered by holding up my camera. He was nice enough doing the same.

Man with scarf
Man with scarf

Tsim Sha Tsui is a shopping district. Very popular for tourists. There are africans and South East Asians near the Chung Hing Mansion. So there’re actually many variaties of people with different backgrounds. It makes it very interesting to photograph in.

Anywhere I go, I see people.

Cute little one with hood
Cute little one with hood

I have to be choosy when i’m on a street with gold haired skinny tattooed men. I’m being stereotype, yes. It’s for my own safety. I don’t want to get in trouble or anything. After all, I do photography for fun. So why push it? I believe photographing beautifully dressed lady would be more eye pleasing. The fact is, I had my X100 with me. Shooting with a 35mm lens from hip is not easy on a narrow street. I’d go for the gold haired tattooed men if I had my GRD with me. But that’s another story. Always play safe within our comfort zone.

Winning Trophy
Winning Trophy

A week ago, I was out shooting with my X100. I had been playing with the GRD and totally forgot about the zone focus distancing with our foot. Many of my shots were out of focus due to that. That made me mad and appreciate the GRD more… I think making it a habit to pre-determine our distance with our subject is a very great way to get consistent shot. Not only the subject would be in focus, but the size of the subject would be consistent. I found out the consistency of my pictures while using my X100 are very high.

Sleepy kid on the shoulder

Usually what I do is to walk up to people or wait for my subject to walk into my zone, then I frame with the OVF and snap.

Zebra crossing & striped bags
Zebra crossing and striped bags

With only forty minutes or so, I only snapped 20+ photos. I guess it’s not a lot. I could’ve done more if I wasn’t hurrying to go home for dinner. Good thing is half of the collection were useable and some are even keepers.

Waiting for bus together
Waiting for bus together

I learned from the evening in TST. Snap focus on GRD is handy and i love it. I cannot be lazy and rely too much on it while using it. My eye and my foot are still the best accessories to produce consistent images.

Additional two pictures of the cigarette lady and man at the end. To remind you all to smoke less or quit it!! They look good in my picture but bad for your health. What a bad irony..

Cigarette Lady

Cigarette man in the dark side

Both photographed in Central.

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