People of Hong Kong: Reaching my first milestone of followers.


Worker in all denim
I love this photo. I was about 5-6 ft from him. I wanted him to look my way so i waited and yes I got it. A worker in denim.

The more i read about the GR Digital book written by Mookio (was previously mentioned), the more i feel confident in shooting with my GRD IV. It’s friday already, i’ve used it for 5 consecutive days and leaving my X100 in the dry box. I’ll take my X100 for a spin after the V1.20 firmware update. The autofocus seems more accurate and faster. I’ll need more further testing. The RAW button can now be customized as Fn key, nice!

Back to my GRD, it’s been a week and i’d been shooting more aggressive with it using the OVF & LCD on the street. The results can be seen – Sharp  and framed better than my previous ones. They look the way I wanted that’s what matter the most.

Lady resting on roadside
Lady resting on roadside

Cute dog without food
Cute dog without food.

I believe everyday there’s something interesting around us happening. Maybe it’s the bad timing we missed it, maybe we’re not looking close enough. On those off nights, I would still bring home at least 1-2 photos that mean the most for the evening. Feel free to shoot objects at rest, such as graffiti, signs, plants, anything.. bring home something if there seems not much going on in the streets. And recently I’d been shooting pets. They’re always there and i love them.

Even human need guides
Even human need guides from road signs

Resting on a fire hydrant…just learned the word “hydrant”.

Now, I’m thinking about what the next GRD IV firmware update would be like. It’d only be better. I want the highlight blown out issue can be resolved or even just be improved by firmware. I don’t want to mount on a ND or PL filter with it 😦

Family with baby trolley
Family with baby trolley

Crossing in the middle

And I’m already thinking about the GRD V in the future. They can incorporate a ND filter if they want a fit in a bigger sensor. The only limit of the current GRD IV is the depth of field, we can’t do much bokeh unless on macro mode. Higher ISO performance would be expected, so I only wish it could go higher and much improved.

Family in red
Family in red. They like red..

I also want the tripod screw mount to move slightly away from the battery console lid. I use a tripod lug mount style wrist strap so…

Cigarette lady
Cigarette lady

I have not been using the Dynamic Range mode. I’ll really try to capture a sunset one day.
My road to a new iMac has not been easy. Saving money has been tough…with my current paid. 😦 I want to get into photo editing. It’s my side project that I wish to accomplish.

Sitting on a luggage

It’s true that my GRD is currently doing a fantastic job not needing me to edit a whole lot. Further down the road, I’ll excel and demand for more quality image.

Dinner delivery is on its way
Dinner delivery is on its way

It’s funny how my hobby has developed into (from Nikon P300 to Lumix 4/3 to GRD & X100). I’ve never thought of myself picturing strangers around me. As it turned out, it has become part of my photography, part of my life.

I believe balancing yourself by not obsessing with cameras (ex. going out, lunch break) is an integral part of our life, you must enjoy your time without a camera and have a great time with the food and your colleagues/friends. Do not overwhelm friends with our camera world if they’re not into that. That’s what I tell myself.

Thanks for visiting so far. I’ve finally earned my 50+ followers today. I’ve not done any campaigning to my photography. My blogging of street photography started at the end of January 2012. I tell you what, that’s a long period of time for me already. When you think of the calendar month it’s only 3 months or so, I had not wasted time and actually had been shooting photos daily for 90 days. Haha.. Even so, I had great time blogging and sharing. I hope you all are too!!!

All the photos above were taken with the Ricoh GRD IV 😉

A few more offbeat ones can be viewed in Alan P. in Hong Kong

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