Positive Film mode of GRD IV: Kids around town


Book on the left is the brand new release by Mookio.

So I admit the book written by Mookio I’ve only read about 85 pages (total 340+ pages). She convinced me to go shoot with one of her favorite modes – Positive Film. By default the vividness of the setting is a bit too high, good thing is that it allows me to tune down the vividness. I had mine set at 2. The photos would look bleached, without turning your entire photo to the ‘Underworld movie’ type of mood like in the Bleach Bypass mode. I had been only extensively using My Setting and the B&W modes. I’m open to possibilities!!

The book not only providing the basic camera guides, know-hows, operation advices. It also feature interviews+photos from some hardcore GRD lovers/photographers (Taiwanese/Hong Kongese/Chinese). And yes, she even interviewed the Japan Ricoh photo contest award winner Polly, bares the mind of a simple mom documenting her boy.

Anyone who loves the GRD should grab a copy of this book, unfortunately it’s in chinese only.

Tonight I couldn’t wait to try out the Positive Film mode on my GRD. A few standout shots have kids in it. I shot them with high ISO. You can call it low grade, ugly, bad quality. I’m still very happy in what I got tonight. There were warm messages in them which it’s not easily to be captured in a busy city.

Kid's cute paradise
Her paradise. It looks clean at ISO 2500 with the default image size in Flickr.

Thinking for mom "Come on call dad, ma!"
Baby is thinking for mom who to call “Call dad, ma!”

Cheapest way to get around in town - trolley by dad
I’d taken shots of man pushing trolley with goods, but never taken one with ‘kids’. It happened so quick that I had no time to take off my GW-2 (was doing a few 21mm). I should have gone closer and be there for it (where’s my ‘fear not!’ attitude again, oh god).. Have to work on my techniques and timing on this thing. In general, shooting with GW-2 on the streets are not practical unless for scenic.

Alright, more reading and experimenting!!

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