Lam Tsuen, the New Territories


Lam Tsuen (林村)

Today I wanted to go to old villages and old settlements in the New Territories of Hong Kong. As far as I know, those villages that I pictured in my mind were long gone. Many have been rebuilt into town houses. They have lost their original identities. That’s life, I totally understand.

Lam Tsuen (林村)

I wanted to see country side. Here I went with my Fujifilm X100. I arrived at the Kam Sheung Road MTR Station. The weather today was so warm with a clear blue sky. I had no idea where I was heading. There were three buses going to the same direction, Tai Po as their final destination. I have heard a lot about the Pat Sheung Village. I saw nothing much to see on the bus. So I waited and waited and waited…until I see something interesting. Turned out nothing. Nothing but garages, houses, salvage sites..

It was already 3 til. I had to get off at least to get a few shots for the day. I knew there should be some cool mountain views in that area. I followed a few other passengers in the bus to get off at a stop. I walked around for 10-15 mins…

Lam Tsuen (林村)

Yes, it just happened I wandered into the famous Lam Tsuen (Lam Village). It’s famous for their wish-making trees. There’s also wish-making lamp

Lam Tsuen (林村)

Lam Tsuen (林村)

I paid $5 HKD for a wish-making bundle. I had my wishes written down.

On the back of an award-winning public toilet, I was so curious with a sign pointing to a bridge. I went down the path. I discovered a paradise!
Lam Tsuen (林村)

Lam Tsuen (林村)
It was a breathtaking place with nothing else but vegetation, mountains and sky. I was sweating like a dog while I was shooting. It was so rewarding which I didn’t care.

Lam Tsuen (林村)

I admit I’m losing a little grip on my recent street photography outings. I’ll keep trying, practice more. Equip myself by reading more photography books and taking advices from the others.

Lam Tsuen (林村)

This is a ‘Mookio’ style shot. Mookio is a Taiwanese photographer/writer. She likes using sunlight and flowers to compose. I had no idea how she shoots it, i read no data prior to this shot. At that point in time when I see the flowers and sunshine, it immediately came to my mind it’s how I should try shooting it with. Turned out pretty cool.

Lam Tsuen (林村)

A friendly dog from a store owner lady. Very generous of them.

Lam Tsuen (林村)

As I walked back to the bus stop, I passed by a few places with sunshine and i snapped.

Lam Tsuen (林村)

I think today is a fine example of how our lives are living as planned. I do not have any religious belief. There were just too many coincidence happened today. I went out without much planning and wandered myself into Lam Tsuen. I was curious and walked into a farmland. Took a couple ‘Mookio’ style photos. Believe or not, this morning I was checking out the Mookio blog, which I had done it twice or so since Christmas. I had no idea she wrote a new book on the GRD and released last week.

I dropped by SimCity Arcade, Mong Kok to get a copy. Many useful advices from it. I’ll make a good use of it. Everyday is a new day. More street photography coming soon!!!

3 thoughts on “Lam Tsuen, the New Territories

  1. Love the ‘Mookio’ style shot! Haven’t heard of her but will definiately google about her later. This part of HK looks very relaxed and nice to explore! Next time I should really arrange a transit at HK…

    1. thank you. it’s great that the transportation in hk can get you almost anywhere. i love spending my time walking to places on foot. It was very rewarding.

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