Gloomy Construction off the IFC

When there’s not much to shoot, i found some things to be my material. Then I go from there with the Black & White hi-contrast filter.

More can be viewed at My Tumblr Photo Blog
Alan P. in Hong Kong


4 thoughts on “Gloomy Construction off the IFC

    1. Thanks! those shots were taken with ISO no higher than 800. Like i have previously stated, exposure control is the stick shifter of the high contrast black and white filter. It’s fun to shoot in a deserted place with this filter.

      1. The high contrast is very interesting, though I suspect it would lend itself more to some situations than others. I think your night shots really suit that filter, Alan. And personally, I think 800ISO is as high as I want to go but wouldn’t mind getting some 1600ISO shots in print at around 14×11. I ‘m all for being surprised.

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