Push to The Limit with Ricoh GRD IV + GW-2: Episode II – Tamar CGC


A very humid and foggy day it’s in Hong Kong. Fortunately, there’s fair amount of wind blowing, made my city architecture shot attempt turned out okay. I brought my portable gorillapod for the shot. This is something I enjoy doing once in a while really. Doing urban lanscape is a very relaxed activity, it’s yet a good dose of ‘photography med’  after a whole week of street photography, hehe..

The place where I went shooting was in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Admiralty really doesn’t have much in it. Mostly a place for offices, 5 star hotels, and a few interconnected shopping malls. And also a whole bunch of bus stops. It’s a ‘gap’ between Central and Wan Chai. It’s only filling in the space. However, it’s an interesting spot for shooting above the highway/streets. There’re bridges all over the place.

I went up to the new Central Government Complex (添馬艦新香港政府總部辦公大樓) podium as it’s opened to the public not too long ago. The CGC is a beautiful place at night. The huge arch-like structure reminds me of the St. Louis Arch.  It’s modern, quiet, I’d imagine it’s going to be a great place for couples dating 😛  I’d…

Central Government Complex (CGC) - 添馬艦新香港政府總部辦公大樓
ISO80 f7.1 6secLight trails on Connaught Road and the SkylineISO125 f8.0 4sec

Central Government Complex (CGC) - 添馬艦新香港政府總部辦公大樓
ISO800 f2.8 1/6sec

The last photo was a bit of a gamble. I didn’t want to push my ISO higher. 1/6sec s. speed handheld. The far away lady added mood to my capture and showing how tiny she’s compared to the building.

It’s proven once again. The 10 megapixel Ricoh GRD IV has the necessary flexibility to achieve shots like these. It’s got enough dynamic range and gosh,..the setup weights only a fraction of a DSLR and perhaps a bit lighter than a mirrorless. Well, mirrorless is another animal, i won’t go there. Most importantly, it’s done with a compact point & shoot camera.

Thanks to the GW-2 21mm lens conversion, i was able to capture the entire block of CGC. Happy shooting with yours too!

19 thoughts on “Push to The Limit with Ricoh GRD IV + GW-2: Episode II – Tamar CGC

      1. Alan, you’re one of the reasons I bought one. Arrived a few days ago and I’m really enjoying it. The whole thing just ‘works’ – no bells or whistles as far as most would see the many ommissions; I love it. I love the architecture you’re getting with the GW-2 by the way. From a ‘compact’! I have never owned any previous GRDs but I think I’m a convert.


      2. Glad I could help! The 28mm prime lens can make you go crazy at the beginning…but after adjusting your distancing by foot, you’d appreciate the wide angle it gives. Simple post-editing can result in ‘OMG’ images. It is a performer u gotta believe!

  1. Thanks Alan,

    Well I use LR3 for minor post-work and haven’t yet uploaded any shots to it yet, but I’m looking forward to learning how I can work with the 28mm focal-length. I have a Fuji WL-MX29 coming (much cheaper than the GW-2 and fits the GH-2 also) and can’t wait to play with the 22mm FL it affords (not quite as wide at the GH-2). My last semi-wide fixed focal length was the X100 so I’m not averse to the wider lenses – they’re so much fun. My reason for wanting the GRD was simple: It’s a camera, not a gadget. So far, I’m loving it.Thanks for the tip, Alan. By the way, have you tried much macro work on the GRD? It’s incredible!

    1. yes. the macro is fast and sharp. Makes people want to ditch their DSLRs, LOL. There’s going to be an annual floral exhibition soon in Hong Kong. I’ll put it to good use.

      1. My DSLR is mainly consigned to per-arranged shoots and big local events now, mostly for when I need a longer focal length. I’ll look forward to seeing your shots from the floral show, Alan. I am sure the GRD will come up trumps. Will post some of my own GR shots as soon I get them uploaded, see what you think. I have been trying the high ISO (maxed at 800 with NR off completely) and I am frankly amazed by the quality of the files. What a gem this little camera is!

  2. After admiring the GR21 for a while, I only just discovered that the GR digitals can take an adapter that allows them to shoot at 21mm.The results here are quite impressive!

    1. Although GR21 produces great out-of-camera film photos, GR21 requires you to scan to your pc for post processing; while you can pre-process photos with ‘your setting’ and totally customizable. With some additional photo processing over the pc, the photos are apparently sharp enough and rendered nicely with the ‘right’ settings. You’ve to set up your GRD to your personal tasting! That’s what I LOVE about Ricoh cameras. Thanks for reading Blanda!!

      1. I recently bought a GXR and M-mount module but now I’m looking into picking up a used GR digital III with the adapter I saw you use as a backup. Thanks for doing this blog! 🙂

      2. one ricoh fan to another! thanks for dropping by. I promise you your GRD won’t sit in your dry box for more than a week. I use mine very frequently even my X100 is compact enough for daily use.

    1. i found myself rarely use my 21mm conversion lens. just too much gear carrying and switching. i might think about selling it for cash, who knows :/

      finding an optimal focal length is one thing i face today. hope ull find your setup soon.

  3. Hi Alan,

    Just found your blog today while I’m searching for GW-2. Great post and nice shots you have. Just wondering if do you know if they still sell the GH-2 and GW-2 in HK? From which store did you bought it from.

    I got a friend who would be coming to HK and it would be great if I can direct him where to buy it for me (given it’s still being sold). Appreciate your reply.


    1. Dear Meinard,
      Thanks for dropping by. I bought mine from a camera shop called DCFever in Causeway Bay, HK years ago. Not sure if they still have them in stock.

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