The free newspaper of Hong Kong: Sharp Daily 爽報 and Issue of the Recycle Program


Lady reading paper as soon as she received it.

The free newspaper (Sharp Daily 爽報) is the latest free newspaper, joining the other 6 up to this date in Hong Kong. They distribute day & night post during the rush hours. That’s a lot of paper…

Paper being distributed like a news stand.
‘You might thought this is one of those street corner news stand’. Nope. That’s just a temporary paper distributing point outside a subway MTR exit.
The free paper is the best way to kill time while waiting
It’s also by far the best way to kill time, the news stories these days are so drama like. We read it as entertainment news.
Some just don't care about it. They sleep on it.
Some just don’t care about it. They sleep on it.

When the government says about the garbage recycle rate at 51% give or take, they also take consideration of the free of charge newspaper too. That’s irony…the corporate owned newspaper in HK also helped in making a prospective waste recycle rate. Many of us have doubts about where do some of the sorted garbage goes… we never see the recycle garbage truck collecting a specific type of garbage instead I only see the universal ‘dirty/smelly’ garbage truck all the time. There’s lack of transparency
when the government is outsourcing it to third party.

What I see often are the grannies collecting paper, soda cans. They’re the actual work horses or ‘real heroes’ behind the dated/failed/sucked government recycle program.

Oh, by the way. We have tons of materials can be recycled at home. The closest recycle collection point
is not in my apartment premise. It’s 5 mins walk from here. It’s always stuffed when I pass by in the morning. There’re just too many apartment buildings around and only a curb side bin is provided. There are no other accessible location we consider near. Will our family adopt and co-operate?? Probably not.

Our Government is slow…real slow when it comes to environmental program given the size of HK is only a fraction of other Asia cities. We are far behind in many things..Hong Kong Government had put too much attention with the finance/investment/banking sector (that’s what I see), it’s true that’s where all the money gather and multiply. They’re just taking it for granted…that’s about it. The rest of the infrastructure planning, welfare policies, education,…are all gibberish. I’ve never felt about how weak our government has become until these past few years. I’ll join the July 1st mass demonstration to express my feelings.

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