Today was a day of sacrifice: Ricoh GW-2 Conversion

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Sacrifice? I’m not a religious man. I love my Ricoh GRD IV so much and convinced myself to get the wide conversion kit (GH-2 + GW-2). And the grand total did not come cheap for a compact like GRD.

I’m not sure if it’s worth it yet. All I could say is, the conversion does add weight to the camera. The camera immediately become front heavy. Makes it not too easy to shoot with one hand. My GV-2 OVF becomes obsolete. Either I go get a 21mm one or just remove it (too much of a hassel to remove it anyway). The GH-2 was made with hard plastic with a metallic touch though. It’s sturdy and clinch onto the GRD threads securely. Plus, there’s a lock button that prevents it from turning. That’s a pleasant surprise and good news for me. I do not wish them to fall apart.

The distortion of the conversion lens only occur toward the corners. The center part remains the same (sorta). Making the environment photographs must easier to frame with. I think it’ll be a little detour for me to escape from the street photography (Doing it daily can wear me out). While there’s no pressure whatsoever to do landscape, i see it as a time off to have a more relax approach in photography.

Tonight I tested the wide angle conversion lens in the streets of Causeway Bay and Wan Chai. Originally, the photos were taken with normal bypass bleach. The high ISO i used washed out most of the colors and details. The traditional b&w was a bit boring. Therefore, I played with the sepia and faded the colors out a slightly bit. They looked quite alright to me. What do you think ? ;}

The Butcher
The Butcher
Steaming Clay Pot Rice on the street
Steaming Clay Pot Rice on the street
Chinese Voodoo 打小人
Chinese Voodoo (打小人)
well dressed lady with hat by a SaSa sign
old lady with hat
One of the very few Pawn Shops that own the entire premise.
One of the very few Pawn Shops that own the entire premise

I have not made any comparison with or without the conversion lens yet. I know some shots would definitely need the aid of the lens to get the entire view (ex. the pawn shop). Some didn’t, but hey; nothing’s wrong to shoot anything with a 21mm wide angle lens. As many users have said, it adds dramatic effect to your photos. Now i believe.

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