Eating + Drinking on the streets of Hong Kong.


I guess that would be a new ongoing project so to speak to capture primarily on groups of people eat during their lunch/dinner or guys with a couple of beer celebrate the end of a work day in Hong Kong off the street. They’re keeping our city streets alive. Thumbs up to them.

Couple cans of beer with couple of friends
Next to 7eleven. A couple of guys were celebrating the end of a workday with a couple cans of beer. Love their laughters. So real and alive. (Fujifilm X100)
Bread and photo, together, cheers!
Bread and photo, together, cheers!
Shot this off the hip. Didn’t want to disturb them, in a way i don’t wish people to disturb my friends when having fun.
(Fujifilm X100)
Lunch Box before going home, guys.
Lunch Box before going home, guys.
(Fujifilm X100)
Lunch hour with our product - 'dried seafood'.
Lunch hour with our products – ‘dried seafood’. They must have a kitchen in the store. Smelled great!
(Ricoh GRD IV)

I’ve been taking quite a lot of candid street photos these days. Just have to get it off and share. Good thing is I don’t see any sign of myself slowing down or taking breaks. When I see things that are interesting, I pull out my camera and snap. I’m getting a sense of what would look good in a viewfinder, the rest are up to whether i could compose it well enough. And that’s the final kick. Hopefully, I could learn by each day on each photo i take. Speaking of the beauty of digital photography, hehe.. we have the luxury to see all the settings and adjust it on the next shoot.

P.S I’m getting used to the focusing speed of X100. It ain’t bad at all depending upon the setting. I was running shuttering priority today around 1/160, auto ISO under 3200. It gets the job done. I was even composing with the OVF.

4 thoughts on “Eating + Drinking on the streets of Hong Kong.

    1. thanks Cassie. Those guys were so happy and loud while i was spotting them 10m away. i remember I gambled the shot by just walking by them casually, and I bent my wrist backward off the hip to take this one. Timing was right, slightly blurred though. They’d get all the weird looks if I raise my camera up for sure. Anyway, i did not miss the moment.

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