Camera accessories shopping: Gordy’s Wrist Strap & Vacuum Saver Dry Box

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My first stop was to a leather gear specialty shop in Kau U Fong, Central. They carry lots of camera straps made by leather which I thought it’d have rip off price (at first). Later I found out on the web that they carry a decent looking Gordy’s straps made in the USA and the price is until $200, just $170 HKD. I waited long enough from last Saturday night and finally to be able to take my first visit. It’s a shop off the ground level of the street. It’s very easy to be found.

They carry quite a few popular straps maker such as Gordy, and also their own in-house brand Barton 1972. Their design is as good as it gets. Very trendy and unique, makes you really want to appreciate the handmade touch on the strap. They offer overseas shipping too!!

Check out their online web + store: 

I guess my lap turned out to be the best contrasting background to show the Gordy’s wrist strap i got. The strap is still very rigid,..i guess it’ll takes some time to break in. Hopefully it’ll get softer and softer, i really want it to be able to bend. The camera strap eyelet, strap clip and the strap is making it very awkward when holding.
Thanks to the thumb grip, i’m still able to hold the X100 in my hand steadily 🙂 Once again, I really hope this strap will break in and soften a bit. Or i’ll be looking for another type of wrist strap. Finger crossed.

My last stop was to get a dry box and silica gel. There weren’t a lot of options for me to choose from. I’m looking at storing my Ricoh and Fuji. That’s about it. Although the one I got it’s pretty big, It’s got good features such as the vacuum pump and a nice looking lid. It’s made in Korea and received an 05′ reddot design award. Looks sturdy. Hope this will last.

8 thoughts on “Camera accessories shopping: Gordy’s Wrist Strap & Vacuum Saver Dry Box

    1. wow that’s great, an answer from the founder. glad i chose the Gordy’s. That’s the best customer service i have ever seen. How did you find my post? thanks for dropping by.

  1. Google has a service called Google Alerts. I put in for it to bring back pages with “gordy” and “straps”. It automatically emails me the links when someone posts with those keywords. It gives me a chance to see what people are saying.

    Nice camera!

    I’ve bookmarked your blog. I hope to visit Hong Kong someday.


  2. i found your blog when searching for camera dry boxes, am wondering where you found the one you ended up purchasing and whether you would recommend it for hong kong spring weather.

    btw, love your photos and have added it to my blogroll. i have tried to do street photography styles in hong kong also, but subject is always a struggle for me when surrounded for familiar surroundings. hope to be inspired by your work and be able to experiment more.

    1. Hello Victoria! My dry box is sturdy and made out of high quality plastic. There’s no leaking yet nearly a year. The vacuum pump works and reduces the times to actually recharge the drying agent. I think you really have to watch for the weather report knowing when the humidity comes back again. The thing is I use my camera quite often and found myself not storing either one of my cameras in the dry box. I think one thing I’ve learned is that, don’t let the humidity or rain ruin the entire photography experience.

      Thanks for your kind words for my photography. It’s a normal phrase to encounter repetitive things, subjects, objects. That’s what street photography is about, many things do change daily. You really have to aware of the surroundings. It’s up to you how you want it captured, why you capture, and when you capture. And you can’t capture all at once in a day. You really have to pace yourself.


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