Spring Lantern Carnival (元宵節)@ TST, Hong Kong

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Today is the Spring Lantern Festival. Traditionally in the old days, Chinese enjoy the day by going out to see different kinds of candle illuminated paper lanterns, answering quizzes hanging on the lanterns, hanging handwritten wishes on trees, etc. Up to this day, not too many are doing so, at least our generation in HK. Now our generation enjoy only parts of it, the stuffed sweet dumpling is a very good example. It’s a dumpling form in ball shape made with ground sticky rice, on the inside it’s usually stuffed with sweet black sesame or peanut filling. They’re good. And i’ve no idea why this year I’d been craving this since January.

I’ve brought my X100 out and wished to capture some moments. And I sure did. Although some shots were still affecting by the parallax…hmm..hate it. I had to crop it in order to hide it..

The Spring Lantern Carnival took place in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was easy for me to get there after work – Star Ferry. Costumed Sailors are my favorite candid portrait target.
Star Ferry Sailor
I have to say I’m more comfortable shooting candid photo then I was two months ago. Part of it because of my Ricoh – my thinking is, if i could do it with my GRD; why not my other cameras. I kept trying and improve the speed when framing. Focusing with X100 is a tad slower, really have to either do a AE lock before hand or framing my shot dead on quick.

Underground construction @ the symphony of star
Across the Victoria Harbor off I go, to TST – Symphony of Star. There’s this huge docked ship doing some kind of construction underwater. I thought I was the only one that’s intrigued.
Tourists enjoyed it very much. The Hong Kong Board of Tourism can somehow think of a construction theme park to attract tourists?!
Tourists enjoyed it too! Are we seeing a potential on huge construction related theme park?? Instead of having Mickeys and Minnies popping out from time to time, how about some yellow Caterpillars banging and swinging!!
eye to the IFC from the Underground construction @ the symphony of star
There were booths showcasing some lost chinese art
handcrafted toy master or artist as it says..
On the center stage, there were performance. The seating area require an early booking so I was enjoying myself from the back instead. Spotted this lady in costume about to take the stage with the others, she seemed nervous.
nervous performer at the backstage
It’s almost a must do in HK. Dragon dance.
Dragon Dance rehearsing in the crowd
On the other stage, there were Chinese Opera performance with live musician. It’s my first time seeing live. I saw Violin and not erhu. Maybe there’s a erhuist somewhere..just difficult to spot it at night.
Chinese Opera musician
This is what Chinese Opera looks like. The performers paint their face to pink and white.
Chinese Opera open air stage
Lay my hand on a bright lit tree
It’s so beautiful and couldn’t help touch it.
Lanterns from above
This concludes this year’s carnival. Not enough booths and activities. And where’s the food at, serve the sweet dumplings at very least…food attracts people = me.
The X100 ISO seemed strange tonight. Some photos really didn’t require ISO 6400 or i should say above 3200 to get the shutter speed i want. I forgot to see the WB to auto-p not sure if it effects anything..i really don’t think so. Experienced a locked up…had to take the battery out to shut it down. Further testing needed.

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