Goodbye to Lumix G3, greet the Fujifilm X100!

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Last night I was thinking about selling my Lumix G3. With a snap of a finger, decisions were made. And Hong Kong is such a small place that it can be easily done thanks to the web. I posted what I wish to sell on the most-visited used camera site. Just like that, I got quite a few enquiries and actually the first message was the person whom i sold to. With a simple phone call, we quickly arrange an MTR station and do the checking, then we were set. I had seen people done this kind of trade many times. Ironically, this was my first time and I love the quick response by the web.

I’m not going to say much about how much I got in return. I’ll just say I’m glad I decided to have it done so swiftly. Now I know it’s possible to sell digital toys this way. Cool!

So where’s my main camera now, do I miss the G3? Answer is no, not anymore. I handed it out to a stranger without regret and tears. Instead, I dropped by my favorite camera shop that has all the top selling cameras for testing, Coxell. I picked up the X100. As I expected, it’s very solid or a.k.a. heavy. Great for stabilizing when shooting. The hybrid viewfinder is interesting, though I got used to the optical viewfinder. Yes, this optical viewfinder has digital readings showing on the glass! Holy sh|t. It’s like a dream. The manual controls/dials were the features I need. The styling, top notch. I told the salesman there that I wouldn’t like the upcoming X-Pro1. It’s big, it’s heavy, the lenses are adding even more bulk. All I need is a quality prime. With more testing and running, It’s quite alright.

The price drop is making it even more attractive. I asked for the salesman for a new one. It’s HKD 1K less than the well-known appliances store in Hong Kong. It comes with protective film for the LCD, genuine lens hood, and the 8GB class 10 SD is also included.

I haven’t really test it out yet. It was late and I felt sleepy. It’ll take time to get used to it. I’m up for it!