Kowloon Town Walled City Park


The Walled City was famous for its closely packed stacking structure. The westerners care less about the crime and all sort of dirty things happened in there. The fact is, I missed it too. I wish that there were parts of remains left to explore and sightseeing. Government apparently do not know what they’re doing. Make a museum of it. Allow visitors to see what it’s like to be in a walled city. Let them experience it…Now we could only find limited photos on the internet before the city being torned down.

While I was so raged about the lost of this one of a kind city art, i hoped to see interesting things in this original site of Walled City. It’s now converted into a public park. The government turned it into a forbidden city sorta park. There are much to see, water, birds, plants, rocks, ancient structures, etc. I spent my entire afternoon there to chill out and shoot photos.

Actually not that many people visit that place even on the weekends, it has much to do with the location. It’s not necessarily hard to reach. It’s not next to any major transportation hub (MTR). Buses can get you there. I enjoyed this place and will visit there again.

P.S> my basic flickr account is reaching the monthly upload limit and wordpress media storage limits only 2GB, does not have a renewable monthly upload limit. In other words, I can’t upload too many photos in this coming month. Or i might just upload low quality prints..


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